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Statement: Council of the National Democratic Alliance

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The National-Democratic Alliance strongly condemns so-called CSTO peacekeeping operations, which in fact is a deployment of CSTO member states occupying forces in Kazakhstan under the name of peacekeepers.

Deployment of CSTO troops in Kazakhstan and their actions violate the international law, including CSTO international treaties, and the Armenian domestic laws as well.

The participation of the RA Armed Forces in the repressive actions is more than condemnable, as it not only damages the international reputation of Armenia and the Armenian people but also poses a real threat to incite ethnic hatred, which will surely endanger the physical security of both Armenian military personal and thousands of Armenians living in Kazakhstan.
The National-Democratic Alliance states that Nikol Pashinyan, who holds the post of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, acts against the interests of Armenia, violating the will and ideas of the Armenian people, only serving the interests of the Kremlin.

Council of the National Democratic Alliance
January 7, 2022, Yerevan

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