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Kamal Aliyev: What is Erdogan´s dilemma on Turkish-Armenia relations?

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Turkish president Recep Tayyib Erdogan said in his address to the people after the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers that his country is ready to develop relations step by step with Armenia if this country fulfills its promises.Thus,Turkish president means firstly Zengezur Corridor and insisting on that Yerevan ought to fulfill its obligation on this important issue.
On the other hand,Turkish side doesn´t see any difficulties on Zengezur Corridor,if Armenia will not fulfill this provision.Erdogan has also stated that Zengezur Corridor can be passed through the territory of Iran.It means that both Turkey and Azerbaijan possess another alternative.This is a road through Iran over Aras river.
It is absolutely clear that Zengezur Corridor could be a reliable road giving high advantage to Armenia.But the main gloom on Zengezur Corridor is Russia´s influence.According to trileteral agreement signed in 2020 among Russia,Azerbaijan and Armenia,the control over Zengezur Corridor had to under the authority of Russia.

In fact,Armenia is actually against Russia´s control over Zengezur Corridor passing through Meghri region.On this matter,Iran´s reaction is clear.Iran sees Zengezur Corridor as a “red line” for its security and Tehran is against the foreign interference on South Caucasus.In this context,Tehran and Moscow are sharing the same interests.
Therefore,Iran is for the “3+3” project offered by Azerbaijan and Turkey involving in Russia,Armenia and Georgia as well.But Armenia is in need of Zengezur Corridor in order to develope its weak economy.Prior to this target,Pashinyan´s government is interested in opening the borders with Turkey.If Armenia achieves this goal,this country will be able to minimize Russia´s influence on itself.The West also puts pressure on Turkey to open borders with Armenia and establish diplomatic relations with this county in order to pull out Russia from South Caucasus.But Iran tries its best not to see the West in its vicinity as possible as it can

In conclusion,Turkey´s Erdogan puts pressure on Pashinyan´s Armenia being agree to open Zengezur Corridor,otherwise Ankara considers another alternative over Iranian territory.Hence,Erdogan presents his plan on Zengezur Corridor-this road or Iranian variant

Kamal Aliyev-the chairman of “Peace”Research Institute

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