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Garik Keryan: Armenia Should Not Be Ukraine

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If all the societies of Armenia, all political forces and influential figures in homeland and in diaspora want the homeland Armenia to remain and not to be destroyed, they should prevent and exclude the scenario of Armenia’s Ukrainianization. This is the scenario after which nothing will be left and all of them should make effort to avoid it. Armenia can be communist state, state managed by secret huge power, democratic state or authoritarian state. One will win and another will lose. But at least Armenia will survive for future if we manage to avoid the Ukrainianization scenario now. Of course, the course of events around Armenia and harsh reactions from Russia and Iran cause serious concern among us. When we see Armenia’s territory, strategic depth, economic power, energy sources and military capacities, Armenia is unable to bear the weight of the Ukrainianization scenario. This is much more important problem than any other issues if not solved.
Let’s unite all powers and forces to avoid this scenario.
I think and suggest so on the day before the municipal elections of Yerevan.

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