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Tehran Sources Say Iran Sent Warning To Azerbaijan

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As tensions escalate between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Iranian sources on social media have claimed that Tehran has sent a serious warning to Baku not to launch an attack.

One analytical news account on social media, alleged that Iran has cautioned Azerbaijan against any potential aggression in the southern Syunik region of Armenia, through diplomatic contacts and various meetings.

After a long blockade of the Armenian-populated Nagorno Karabakh region inside Azerbaijan, reports in recent days indicated that Baku might be preparing for military action against the enclave and Armenia. Tehran has traditionally opposed any Azerbaijani encroachment on Armenian territory.

The source added, “Azerbaijan has taken actions, in coordination with Israel and Turkey, to formulate Plan B in case of military intervention by Tehran against Baku.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran has previously cautioned against any alterations to the political geography of the Caucasus region and the adjustment of international borders. Iran declared that if either side seeks to change the geopolitical landscape of the Caucasus or international borders in the Karabakh region, Iran will set aside its neutrality and respond directly.

Recently, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan issued a warning regarding Azerbaijan’s provocative military movements along the border and in the Karabakh region. Pashinyan expressed concerns over the possibility of heightened tensions, urging the international community to take preemptive measures to prevent what he referred to as a new explosion in the Caucasus.

It should be noted that Armenian authorities in Yerevan previously confirmed that the country would host a joint exercise with US forces next week to enhance cooperation in international peacekeeping missions.

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