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Mubariz Goyushlu: Azerbaijan has warned Russia

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It is very positive that the Azerbaijani government has expressed its concerns about the Khankendi issue in one way or another.

The use of the phrase “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic” on the website of Russian government agencies, illegal Armenian armed groups opening fire on the Azerbaijani army relying on Russian peacekeepers, failure to release our soldier captured by separatists in Aghdara, etc. such cases aggravate the situation.

All these points have raised the issue of the mandate of Russian peacekeepers again.Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan , Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Hajiyev’s statement that certain discussions on the legal mechanisms related to the mandate are underway can be taken as a warning to Russia.Earlier, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry also warned Russia.

It is clear from the statements that if the arbitrariness of Russia and its peacekeepers continues, Azerbaijan will tighten the pressure mechanisms.

The mechanisms of pressure are to expand allied relations with Turkey and Pakistan, especially military cooperation, and to eliminate Armenian terrorists on the spot.

At a time when Azerbaijan is making military preparations, accelerating construction work in the liberated areas, and opening an airport in Fizuli, Armenians in Khankendi continue their separatism in need of water and bread.

Armenians saw the bitter consequences of separatism in 2020, and if they do not want this result to be repeated, they must take the path of living under the Azerbaijani flag and citizenship.

Mubariz Goyushlu
Chairman of the Modern Development Union, political commentator

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