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Kamal Aliyev: Could the U.S create quasi-Kurdish state in Syria?

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Russia´s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that the U.S. is creating a quasi-Kurdish state in Syria.From Turkish perspective Washington´s this sort of geopolitical goal is dangerous enough.
Interestingly,Ankara and Moscow are having same position on this issue.Because both Turkey and Russia including Iran are interested in Syria´s territorial integrity.
Recently,it is being observed clashes between YPG(Kurdish Separatist Group)and local Arab tribes.Kurdish separatists are supported and financed by the U.S.Though,Turkey objects Washington´s Kurdish policy,the U.S. is working with this separatist group.
On the other hand,the Assad regime is supported by Russia and Iran.As we see,the U.S is competing with Russia and Iran on field.According to Lavrov,now Russia,Turkey and Iran are carrying out within the framework of the Astana format to promote Syrian settlement.
Tehran does not want quasi-Kurdish state in Syria either.Both Turkey and Iran have a large Kurdish population.By creating quasi-Kurdish state.the U.S wants to expand its influence over Turkey and Iran.
By the way,Turkey is NATO´s member and strategic ally of the U.S.Therefore,Ankara´s close relationship with Russia makes the U.S. so angry.And the U.S. thinks that whenever Turkey abandons NATO and joins Russia-Chine alliance.Because of this probability,Washington uses Kurdish groups for its strategic targets.
Approximately,thirty million Kurds live in the Middle East.
Besides,the Kurds comprise nearly one-fifth of Turkey´s population of eighty-four million.
Kamal Aliyev

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