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Kamal Aliyev: Can Turkey and Armenia become reconciled with each other?

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Finally,the first meeting was held between Turkish and Armenian appointed special envoys in Moscow.As you now there is not any diplomatic relations between these two countries since 1993.At that time in 1993 Armenian forces occupied Azerbsijanian lands.From that time Turkey closed its borders with Armenia as an objection to this country.

However,the special representatives for the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia,the Deputy Speaker of Armenian Parliament Ruben Rubinysn and Turkish ambassador Serdar Kilic met on 14 January,in Russia.The meeting was held in the building of Russian Foreign Ministry brokered by this countrie’s deputy foreign minister Andrey Rubenko.

As a result of the first meeting the special representatives exchanged their preliminary views regarding the normalization process through dialogue between Turkey and Armenia.As I read,the first meeting conducted in a positive and constructive atmosphere.The two sides were agreed to proceed the talks in future.I’ve so understood that during the first round of negatiations there were not any preconditions.Besides,there were also other representatives attending to this meeting.

Russia has welcomed the meeting for the normalizations process between Ankara and Yerevan.The normalization process between Turkey snd Armenia is crucial for Russis.Firstly,the geoeconmical format which is called 3+3 is key vital for Moscow’s goals.The opening of the borders between Turkey and Armenia is also an advantage for Armenians.The trade between Turkey and Armenia can be flourished and Yerevan will be able to attract Turkish investment.It seems to me that Armenuan government led by Nikol Pashinyan understands this reality.Right now either Turkey or Armenia are agree to continue the depoliticized dialogue.
On the other hand,the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia is favour not only in Russia,but also West.EU and USA-both of them are interested in the normalization process.But the interested sides want that the process will be established.None of them will failure which was happened in 2009.I want to say that then process was not realized because of Armenis.Then president of Armenis Serj Sarkisian and of course Armenian society were not ready for normalization process.

Turkey and Armenia have had no diplomatic and commercial ties for three decades.And the meeting was the first attempt between two countries since 2008 peace accord.That deal as you know was never ratified and relations remained tense.
Turkey supported Azerbaijan in the second Karabakh war.But Ankare wanted after the war rapprochement with Armenia.

With borders closed,Turkey and Armenia have no direct routes.But indirect trade has risen marginally since 2013.

In addition,Turkish budget carrier Pegasus Airlines will start charter flights between Istanbul and Ankara in early February,amid political efforts to normalize relations between Turkey and Armenia.
Despite all these,I think that the negatitions process between Turkey and Armenia will so complicated.Armenian diaspora drew strong criticism from Turkey after it call 2915 events as genoside.Turkey objects to the presentation of the incidents as “genoside”.Ankara describes the 1915 events as a tragedy which both sides suffered casualties.Turkey has always proposed the creation of joint commission consisting of historians from the two countries and international experts to tackle the problem.
Besides,Turkey coordinate with Azerbaijan on the normalization process with Armenia.Tukey informs the official Baku on current process.Azerbaijan government is not against the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia.

Kamal Aliyev

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