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Kamal Aliyev: Can Armenia become a non-bloc country?

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First of all,there is a European notion in Armenian society.And this notion was expanded after the second Karabakh war.Due to defeat against Azerbaijan,either Armenian people or the government led by Nikol Pashinyan.It seems to me that Armenia demands security guarantees from the collective West.Though,Armenia is still a member of Russian led CSTO founded on May 15 1992 by six former Soviet states,Pashinyan government tries to abandon this organization as possible as it can.
My impression on this context is that Pashinyan is not in hurry to move away his country.But he does everything step by step.
On the other hand,there are plenty of people in Armenia who still rely on Moscow.In addition to this,we are able to see Armenia´s another alternative becoming a non-bloc country.I find this alternative crucial enough and claim that in order to move away from Russia,this is also an important step.
Nowdays there is an intensive dialogue on the security matters with the West and Europe.This intensive dialogue with the West irritates Russia as well.
Actually,Armenia deepens its security cooperation with the West.Here includes not only the military components but also economic cooperation.Russia does not sell weapons to Armenia and Yerevan is obliged to ensuring its military needs from other countrie like the West,India and also China.
Nevertheless,Armenia can realize its non-bloc county idea.I comprehend that in order to become a non-bloc country,Armenia should refuse Russian military existence from its territory.And after achieving this target,Armenia will not have any difficulties to become a non-bloc country.
In conclusion,it seems to me that in the medium term Pashinyan´s strategic goal is to integrate his country to the West.Of course,it will not be easy for Yerevan but it is not impossible.If Nikol Pashinyan remains in power a little bit more,he can achieve this strategic aim.It depends upon also Armenians´political determination and courage.Hopefully,Armenian people will decide to integrate to the EU.

Kamal Aliyev-The chairman of Baku based “Peace” Research Institute

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