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Kamal Aliyev: 6 agreements between Baku and Khankendi

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-organizing political consultations on the future of Karabakh and its people(I think it will be realized in the framework of reintegration process introduced by Azerbaijani government)

-the start of work to restore power supply on September 24(durin Yevlakh meeting the agreement was reached between sides in order to restore power supply to the kindergartens,schools and so on)

-search efforts for dead and missing people(as we know,during anti-terror operation plenty of soldiers and separatist fighters died and missed.In coming days,search efforts will be kept up)

-withdrawal of units of the separatist forces from combat positions and their transfers to places of permanent deployment in parallel with the process of disbanding terrorists( In the framework of Yevlakh agreement,the separatist military units will be disbanded with the weapons which they have.According to the latest information,the handing over weapons have began)

-transportation of the wounded,who are in serious and extremely serious condition,as well as patients,to medical institutions in Armenia,accompanied by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Russian peacekeepers(there are already extremely wounded Armenians taking medical examination by Azerbaijani doctors and nurses.Our state bodies including Health Ministry of the republic of Azerbaijan have started examining wounded people of Armenians in tents built by government)

-import of humanitarian supplies,medicines,essential goods,and fuel into Karabakh via Gorus-Khankendi highway through the mediation of the Russian peacekeepers(besides,Azerbaijani side has already delivered essential goods,products to Karabakh Armenians via Aghdam-Khankendi highway and kept on in upcoming days)
Kamal Aliyev

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