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Kamal Aliyev: Why the West wants to play hardball with Turkish Erdogan?

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Initially,I want to explain the meaning of the phrasel verb”to play hardball”.This does mean that any country or a person uses every means possible to achieve a goal,especially in disregarding the harm caused.In addition to,any country or person act rough,ruthless in politics or business.
Nowadays,The Western allies claim that Turkey led by “strongman”Erdogan is conducting hostile stance against EU and NATO.According to them,Turkish Erdogan’s policy contradicts with democratic principles and Western values.But Turkey is a significant partner of the West is the sort of truism on which the political leaders,for instance Joe Biden and Jens Stoltenberg are raised.As I understood the Western leaders and mainstream media do not believe in Erdogan and they are eager to punish Turkish leader.In order to achieve this goal,the best opportunity is an election process.Erdogan is leading Turkey almost two decades and his government has problems and standoffs with NATO allies and Western countries.As I see,Turkish Erdogan conducts an impartial policy as possible as he can.But it is fact that rarely he has got aggressive,authoritarian,schismatic policies pursued at home and abroad.
From this point of view,Erdogan’s Turkey is not being accepted a reliable and useful ally in the West.
The Western politicians claim that Erdogan betrays so often NATO allies and his relations with Russia’s Putin threaten Europa and the U.S.
On the other hand,Erdogan is blocking Sweden’s attemt to join NATO and Turkish leader demand the extradition political refugees from Stokholm.I guess that Turkish leader has got a harsh stance behavior against the West and this is his typical gambit.And He accuses of Sweden harboring Kurdish political refugees on its soil.These accusations are so much harsh and complicated the current situation.Yes,Turkey has right to demand something from Sweden,but the fact is that later or sooner will unblock Sweden’s joining NATO.But Turkey has lots of problems with Washington.One of them is that the Kurdish rebel groups named Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), YPG are accepted by Ankara as terror organizations.Erdogan’s government threatens these groups and declared that they would conduct military operation.Besides,Erdogan wants to reconsile with Syrian strongman Bashar Asad through the mediation of Russian Federation.But the Western allies are fighting with Putin’s Russia in Ukraine.Since the beginning the war between Ukraine and Russia,Turkey plays a neutral role between these countries.However,official Ankara recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine including Crime.Turkey supplies Ukraine with drones and these are playing an important role in the war against Russia’s occupation forces.
But th ed West says that Turkey rejects and circumvents Ukraine related sanctions.It is known that Turkey’s trade with Russia grew by nearly 200% in the six month after the invasion. As NC Turkey’s purchase of Russian surface-to-air missile systems(S-400)infuriated Washington,which views them as a threat to NATO forces.Washington demands from Ankara to join sanctions against Russia and to determine its position as well.But as We see,Ankara deos not intend to cut economic and political realations with Moscow.Of course,Ankara’s stance on Russia’s issue irritates Washington and its allies.
Erdogan wants also to reconsile with Syrian government and has got an intention to send 3,5 mln refugees residing in Turket to their homeland.The main standoff between Ankara and Turkey is Kurdish issue in northern part of Syria.Ankara is aware of Washington’s intentions and geopolitical goals in Syria.According to Ankara,the U.S.plans to establish Kurdish autonomy or independent state in Syria.But Turkey,Russia and Iran have a partnership in the framework of “Astana Format”to restore the territorial integrity of Syria.
The elections will be held in Turkey on 14 May will be a turning-point.Erdogan will win this election and get parliamentary majority in the end.But the Turkish opposition uses economic problems,high inflation as possible as it can.The outcomes of Turkish elections are observed not only in the West,but also in Russia and Iran.

Kamal Aliyev, kafkassam political scientist

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