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Kamal Aliyev: What is expected separatist Vitaly Balasanyan in Baku?

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Khojaly killer Vitaly Balasanyan,who served as a field commander in the First Karabakh War was arrested while fleeing from Azerbaijan.But Armenian media insisting on that he was detained while passing through Lachin corridor.
So,Balasanyan had denied this information and said that he is in Askaran.As you know,prior to last detentions,Balasanyan has so said that he would never leave Karabakh.
Approximately,in march 2020 Balasanyan negotiated gas supplies with Baku after the main pipeline supplying gas from Armenia to Karabakh was damaged in Azerbaijan-controlled territory.In August last year,Balasanyan met with Russian peacekeepers and representatives of the azerbaijani government in Lachin ahead of the handover of this city including other three villages.
As I expressed,Balasanyan is a killer had committed planty of crimes against Azerbaijani people and he has to shoulder this responsibility as well.
On the other hand,Balasanyan will never leave Karabakh as Ruben Vardanyan.Vardanyan is already in Baku and the next person is David Babayan.
As for Balasanyan,this person he participated in the First Karabakh War as a field commander and killed a lot of innocent people in Khojali.He did his best to run from Karabakh through Lachin corridor but he was detained.
Balasanyan had problems with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and he resigned in 2019 from his post.after his resignation,Ararat Melkumyan was appointed to his post.Melkumyan also fought in the First Karabakh Warand in four-day clashes in April 2016.Then Melkumyan was awarded separatist´”hero of Artsakh” for his services.
In addition to this,Balasanyan has a warm relations with Russian peacekeepers.But he is not more important than Ruben Vardanyan.I assume that there will be also criminal cod against Balasanyan and he will be arrested.
Balasanyan and his son are being suspected of money laundering to the tune of over $180,000 dollars.And under the criminal case,Balasanyan took agricultural loans in his son´s name,though it was not used to purchase beehives
Kamal Aliyev

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