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Kamal Aliyev: Russia still accusing Armenia to surrender Karabakh to Azerbaijan

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has again accused Armenian Prime Minister in surrendering Karabakh to Azerbaijan.In other words,the recognizing of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by Armenian Prime Minister in accordance with the Alma-Ata Decleration signed in 1991,has spoiled Russia´s geopolitical goals on South Caucasus.Prior to Pashinyan´s open acceptance the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,Armenia´s presidents such as Levon Ter-Petrosyan,Robert Kocharyan and Serj Sarkisyan have never accepted the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
Therefore,Sergey Lavrov indicates that Russia´s president Vladimir Putin did not force Nikol Pashinyan to accept territorial integrity of Azerbaijan including Karabakh.
According to Russia´s position,Pashinyan did not have to recognize Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan.Moscow claims that at some regular European summit in Prague,signed a document that states that Armenia and Azerbaijan recognized each other within the borders of 1991.And it does mean that the issue is closed for the sake of Azerbaijan.
After Prague summit,Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan subsequently repeated this term(the recognizing Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan)in Brussels.
As we see,Russia puts pressure on Nikol Pashinyan and says that he ought to bare the full responsibility on Karabakh issue.
My impression on this issue is that Karabakh problem was already closed for Russia.At a later stage,Russia will demand mandate for its peacekeepers after 2025.Moscow´s expectation is that Azerbaijani Parliament ratifies the long-running of Russia´s peacekeepers in Karabakh.
As far as I understand,Azerbaijani government doesn´t intent to extent Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh or in any other part of Azerbaijan.
Kamal Aliyev

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