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Kamal Aliyev: How long Russian peacekeepers stay on Azerbaijani territory?

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I assume that we have to discuss the presence of Russian peacekeepers on Azerbaijani territory.In this context I find such kind of question so interesting:Do we need Russian peacekeepers in Azerbaijan? My impression on this issue is clear:there is not any kind of significance both for Azerbaijan and Russian Federation.
Nevertheless,till 2025 all Russian peacekeepers must abandon Azerbaijani territory.
What are the Russian peacekeepers doing in Karabakh? None.Because of this fact,we need a deadline with Moscow in order to send Russian peacekeepers to their homeland.
My suppose or doubt on this issue is that Russia intends to keep its military contingent in Azerbaijan for a long time.Due to this intention,they hope that the Armenians who left left Karabakh to Armenia will return again.And if this happens,there will be ground for Russian peacekeepers to prolong their mandate in Karabakh.
But it is absolutely groundless and meaningless.
Firstly,let wee assume that whenever the ethnic Armenians return to Karabakh.Will there be any status for these people? If we pay attention to Ilham Aliyev´s last comments,it is impossible.Acoordind to Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev,they are able to receive Azerbaijani citizenship and reintegrate to Baku.
Actually,the Armenians who abandoned Karabakh en masse,do not want to come back.I pull out this event for a near future.
It does mean that there is not any ground for Russia´s peacekeepers to stay on Azerbaijani territory.And there will not have any tactical and strategic advantages for Russian peacekeepers in Azerbaijan.

On the other hand,we are reading from media that there is a negotiations process between Baku and Moscow regarding the presence of the Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh untill 2030.As far as I know Azerbaijani side does not want Russia´s military existence in Azerbaijan.But on the other hand,Baku has never ruled out that ethnic Armenians could have returned to Karabakh in any time near future.Now Russian authority hope that ethnic Armenians will return to Karabakh and they will bear a burden.That is why the returning of Armenians to Karabakh will give to Russians to stay on Azerbaijani territory.
Of course,in this case,the importance of the presence of russian peacekeepers in Azerbaijan will increase.
In this case,Moscow will say that we are here to prevent any misunderstandings,problems among Azerbaijanis and Armenians.
However,the issue is whether Baku will agree to extend the Russian peacekeepers stay on Azerbaijani territory.As I see,Moscow hope that it will come to consensus with Baku on this issue.
But I find Russia´s intention too dangerous.Because Karabakh is Azerbaijan and this reality is not in dispute.
According to me,all South Caucasus republics do not need Russia´s military existence in their territory.Because it will have always dangerous results on us and our independence.

Kamal Aliyev
-The Chairman of Baku based “Peace”Research Institute

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