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Hasan Oktay: EU migration policy – What is the West afraid of?

Hasan Oktay Hasan Oktay - - 6 dk okuma süresi
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The European Union is preparing to provide Egypt with 20 million euros for refugees from Sudan.

This was announced by the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Joseph Borrell at a joint press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri.

“The EU will provide emergency assistance in the amount of 20 million euros to support Egypt in solving the problem of Sudanese refugees,” he said.

In a conversation with Ednews about this, the head of the Caucasus Center for Strategic Studies (KAFKASSAM), Professor Hasan Oktay, said that the only migration route from Africa is not Europe, but also Egypt.

“Contrary to what is known, the only migration route out of Africa is not from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Europe, as these areas are tightly controlled, other routes come into play.”
The professor noted that Egypt has become an important center for African migration along the Sudan-Egypt-Israel route.

“Egypt is becoming an important migration center for Africa, and a new migration route to Israel opens through Egypt. The Sudan-Egypt-Israel road has now become the most used road.

The professor stressed that Europe is afraid of migrants from third world countries and to solve this problem, instead of protecting its own borders, it takes measures against countries that threaten its borders.

“The European Union has taken serious measures to block migration routes from African countries to Egypt, from there to Israel and to Europe through Belarus. They think it poses a big threat to them, especially after a Syrian immigrant recently stabbed children to death in France. Securing the Egyptian border is now the first priority for both Israel and the European Union. To solve the migration crisis, Europe wants to conclude by taking action against countries that threaten its borders, instead of defending its borders. In this regard, Turkey and Egypt are considered priority regions. It is almost impossible to cross from Turkey to Europe through Greece and Bulgaria. Strict measures are taken to prevent sea crossings to Greece. While the struggle of Syrian, African, Far Eastern migrants from Turkey to Europe has led to success, there have been great difficulties for migrants in Turkey. Similarly, Egypt, Israel, the Belarusian road was very active. To prevent this, Europe concentrated all its power on Egypt. The control of these roads emphasizes the idea that power will not be taken, because poverty, famine, civil war, instability in Africa will inevitably mobilize people to safer regions. The role of smugglers who organize large organizations should also be taken into account here. If the road to Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Belarus is closed, the illegal import of migrants will find new ways.”

He also stressed that Europe has no chance to prevent this process by temporary measures. In addition, if this plan fails, Europe will face an immigration wave of about 100 million people.

“Europe has no chance to prevent this process with temporary measures. Finding solutions to Africa’s problems and preparing solutions for third world countries are among the most important issues that Europe must work on. The moment they fail to do so, Europe will face an immigration wave of around 100 million people. Perhaps if they do this, they will manage this process a little more correctly. A list of the need for skilled and unskilled labor in the EU countries can be drawn up, and hence the controlled migration of immigrants with a “green card”, as in the United States, can be carried out. Otherwise, illegal migration will soon threaten Europe.”

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