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Kamal Aliyev:Armenia’s Pashinyan wants pease,but…

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Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said today that the military and political situation in the region(He means Karabakh and Azeri-Armenian border)has considerably worsened.Armenian premier has again accused Azerbaijani media and propaganda platforms.According to Pashinyan,Azerbaijani side undertook another provacation against against the “sovereign territory”of Armenia.It is quite interesting that without demarcation and delimitation nobody can determine the border between two countries.This is why,Pashinyan’s accusations seem so incorrect and deteriorate the real situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

On the other hand,Pashinyan emphasizes Armenia’s loyalty to the agreements signed in Brussel and Prague.At first glance,it seems to you that Pashinyan’s government is always loyal to peace truth and he recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan including Nagorno Karabakh.The recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is important enough but Armenian side has got difficult conditions which they are(or will not)admitted by Baku.
Armenia is not against the dialogue between Khankendi and Baku.But Armenian side wants this dialogue within the framework of the international mechanism.Besides,Prime Minister of Armenia demands unblocking of the Lachin corridor.I find Pashinyan’s comments so interesting.Firstl,I need to know that what does Pashinyan mean when he “international mechanism”say.However,it is against Baku’s “reintegration”plan for Karabakh Armenians.If Baku accepts “international mechanism”,it means that the unrecognized and separatist adminstration in Karabakh is an entity and they will have demands from Azerbaijan.In my opinion,both Armenian government led by Pashinyan and separatist adminstration in Khankendi do not believe in independence.They are eager to get at least “autonomy”in the framework of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.But Azerbaijan has not got any intention to give “autonomy”to Karabakh Armenians.As I said,Baku does have a plan to reintegrate these people in the forthcoming years.
It is true that Pashinyan wants peace and loyalty to peace agende.But Pashinyan ‘s demand is clear:Azerbaijan has to give “autonomy”to local Armenians in Karabakh.For Azerbaijani sude it is unacceptable.It does not solve this prob forever,this postpones the final solution.From this point of view,Baku do3s not postpone the final solution and wants to solve the problem permanently.Otherwise,in any time,the next generations deal with this problem.

Kamal Aliyev

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