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Kamal Aliyev: Erdogan as a mediator between Azerbaijan and Armenia…

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Turkish president Recep Tayyib Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinayan.The given information is that two leaders discussed Turkish-Armenian relation and current situation in Karabakh-especially peace and stability in the South Caucasus.

The main topic was likely the rising tensions in Karabakh.As we know on Sunday Erdogan criticized Armenia´s actions in the conflict zone.On the other hand,Erdogan´s Turkey strongly condemned the fake presidential elections in Khankendi.In addition to Turkey,Georgian government did not recognize the result of this elections.Except Putin,Pashinyan held a telephone conversation with Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi.We are all informed with the current relations between Russia and Armenia.
Besides,there can be political vacuum in the South Caucasus.And there can not be vacuum in politics.I think Turkish side wants to benefit from this opportunity.Thus,there is a fifth column in Armenia connected to Russia.On the other hand,Ankara aims to have normal relations with Armenia.Ankara´s allies in West are interested in the normal relations between Armenia and Turkey.Turkey´s another strategic plan is Zengezur corridor.But Armenia´s other ally Iran does not accept Zengezur corridor.Because this project is a red line for Tehran.Armenia is disagree with Zengezur corridor as an extra corridor.

By the way,Turkish Erdogan spoke with Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev.It seems that Erdogan´s conversation with two leaders came amid the increased risk of another upsurge in violence in the conflict zone.The both sides-Azerbaijan and Armenia accuse each other for the last situation.Armenia claims that Azerbaijan is preparing for military offensive.Baku says that Armenia is conducting provocative actions.Erdogan also denounced Armenia´s provocative moves along the border.Today Azerbaijan´s top army general Kerim Valiyev was in Ankara for fresh talks with top Turkish military officials.Nowdays,the situation in conflict zone is too dangerous and the new war is not impossible.Because of this tense,Pashinyan wanted to hold urgent talks with Azerbaijani president Aliyev.Baku claims that Armenia has got another agenda and wants to gain time.That is why,Baku has not responded to Pashinyan´s offer.But the situation is getting worse in the conflict zone.In the coming days,we will be able to analyze the real situation and events
Kamal Aliyev

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