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Kamal Aliyev: Will there be any geopolitical changes in the South Caucasus?!

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Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Mohammad Jamshidi has so said that any geopolitical change in South Caucasus is a red line for his county.It is quite clear that Ebrahim Raisi means Zengezur Corridor.Due to Zengezur Corridor,Iran prefers to work with Armenia for a long time.
On the other hand.Tehran is seeing the small border with Armenia as a historical issue.Recently,Iranian president Raisi made a phone call with Armenian Prime Minister and expressed the next time their position.
In my opinion,except 3+3 format Iran will not accept any kind of format or project.In this context,Tehran intends to work with its strategic partner Russia.This is why,Iranian Armed Forces have sent units to the Azerbaijani border.Tehran is pressing Azerbaijan and does not want that Baku controls over Karabakh.In a nutshell,Tehran does not respect to Azerbaijan´s territorial integrity.Baku´s full control over Karabakh can be a great motivation for Azeris living in Iran.From this point of view,Iran supports and will always try its best to Armenia.Besides,Iran is going to have normal relations with Azerbaijan.In regard with this policy,Tehran aims to strengthen economic and political relations both Azerbaijan,Armenia.However,Iran is using Armenia for its geopolitical goals against Azerbaijan and Turkiye as possible as it can.Erevan knows that and manoeuvres under Pashinyan´s ruling.
In addition to this,Pashinyan´s government looks forward to working with Ankara.The West is keen on the normal relations between Armenia and Turkiye.But without solving Karabakh problem,the normalization procees between Turkiye and Armenia is impossible.The political solution of Karabakh problem is a key to Turkish-Armenian relations.On this affair,the another important factor is Russia…
Kamal Aliyev

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