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Kamal Aliyev: US Generals arrive in Armenia to observe Eagle Partner exercise

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US Generals Gregory Anderson and Patrick Ellis arrive in Armenia to observe Eagle Partner exercise.

We know that Eagle Partner is a peacekeeping exercise between Armenia and U.S.Due to these military drills,Armenian ambassador to Russia was summoned to Russian Foreign Ministry.The current relations between Yerevan and Moscow have been deteriorated.Moscow is against Armenia´s decision and accuses Armenia´s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.
Shortly,We are all aware of Russian-Armenian relations.
Interestingly,Armenia´s another ally Iran has got discomfort with this decision.Imagine you that Iran´s main foe U.S is now in Armenia and it is possible that U.S Military Generals observe Iranian Army movements.Some experts in Yerevan say that U.S. military officials stay in Armenia for a long time.If U.S. military commanders stay in Armenia,we can see Iran and Russia´s harsh reaction to this decision.Recently,Iranian Foreign Minister Amir-Husein Abdullahian had a telephone conversation with his Armenian counterpart Ararat Mirzoyan on this issue.According to some diplomatic sources,Armenian side has pledged to Iran that these military drills will continue for a short period and and they will back.
As you see,US- Armenian military exercises make a great disturbance with its allies like Russia and Iran.In my opinion,Pashinyan is aware of this reality and he understands that in this situation loosing the allies like Russia and Iran can be a great catastrophe not only for his government,but also whole Armenia.
On the other hand,Pashinyan as a Pro-Western politician,sees Armenia´s future integration with EU.Besides,Pashinyan figures out geopolitical reality and his responsibility.So,without solution Karabakh problem,Armenian Prime Minister
does not make any afford to deteriorate mutual realations with Moscow and Tehran.
Pashinyan needs security guarantees for Armenia.In order to get security guarantees,Armenia must be a member either NATO or continue its activity within the framework of CSTO.
Kamal Aliyev

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