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Kamal Aliyev: How should we react to New World Order(NWO) and today´s turbulent?

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From a point of view of any sociologist,we can observe the third world war.What is happening in the Middle-East between Israil and Palestine,the normalization process among Tel-Aviv and other Arabic countries are symtoms of New World Order.In this context,the regional and global actors are involved in these process.
Actually,the war between Israel and HAMAS is also a confrontation between the West and Russia-Iran coalition.Russian side-especially president Putin insists on this argument that Washington´s Middle-East policy has failed while the US had a monopoly over this conflict.After the collapsing of Soviet Union,Russia which was defeated in the previous War,is seeking now to take a revenge.

According to Russian political elite,after the USSR fall down,the West led by the USA has betrayed Russia on expansion of NATO.That is why,Russia with the help of China are wishing or seeking New Order which we describe it New World Order.
On the other hand,Germany is not satisfied with the Wersailles System.This is why,such kind of tectonic changes and cataclysms will go on.After 44 days of War in Karabakh,Azerbaijan emerged as a victorious country and this was also a result of tectonic contradictions between global powers.
In accordance with these events,Azerbaijani side took an advantage and liberated its occupied territories.
In the next step the tectonic shifts and cataclysms in the global affairs will continue and it will be demanded from us to choose geopolitical position.
I find it too interesting that which geopolitical pole will be chosen by Azerbaijan-withe the democratic West or Russian-China front.

Kamal Aliyev-The Chairman of “Peace”Research Institute

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