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Kamal Aliyev: Assad’s Syria and Arab League in multipolar world

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Yesterday the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad arrived in Saudi Arabia in order to participate in an Arab League Summit.As we know after the Arab Spring began in 2010,the relations the Arabic states led by Saudi Arabia were detoriated.A year after “Arab Spring”happened,Assad’s Syria suspended 22-members Arab League.As I emphasized,Arab League is led by Saudi Arabia and Egypt.During the civil war Syrian dictator al-Assad deadly crackdowns the protests and as a result there were killed more then 500 thousand people and displaced tens of millions.
Then Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries either severed or downgraded ties with al-Assad regime.But today Assad has arrived in Saudi Arabia and will take part in an Arab League summit.Meanwile,Arab League countries have stickt conditions for Assad and he has to implement all conditions.After this process Assad’s Syria could be accepted again to Arab League.As you see,Arab countries are eager to normalize relations with Syria despite US and Germany’s concerns.


On the other hand,Arab uprisings began in Tunusia and Egypt.Then these uprisings continued in In Bahrein and Syria.Saudi Arabia helped to Bahreini government to quell the protests.While some states,for example Turkey and Qatar backed Syrian political opposition and rebels against Assad regime.In 2012 Iranian regime intervened in Syria.In fact,Assad invited Iran to help him for preventing rebels.In 2015 Russia stepped in,then the US sent its forces to eastern Syria.But today we see the Arab states want to reconsile with Assad’s Syria and it might help settle the conflict.


One interpretation could be that the Middle East region is entering new diplomatic era,especially in the wake of Saudi-Iran reconciliation.And it is a result of US influence,slow the emergence of a multipolar international system that will see the rise of Chine.Chine is expected to be Amerika’s most important rival in a New World Order.Besides,Iran and Russia are currently working on a new trade routes,while the Gulf states are eyeing groups,such as Shangat Cooparation Organization and BRICS.The Gulf states are eyeing other multilateral frameworks to work with Russia and China,reducing even more the West’s role in the region.It is also clear to us that Arab League countries are tired of what the see lectures on human rights and other democratic demands by Western countries.For such kind of autocratic regimes the best way is to develope relations with China and Russia.Because the global powers,such as China and Russia demand nothing in the framework of democracy and human rights issues from these regimes.Due to these facts,in a multipolar world system Aran Leage countries including Assad’s Syria are interested in organizations led by China and Russia.

Kamal Aliyev

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