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Kamal Aliyev: Why Azerbaijan invades Armenia?

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Do you know what is interesting for me on Antony Blinke´s recent remarks?

Firstly,Blinken expresses his remarks so that his department is tracking the possibility that Azerbaijan can soon invade Armenia.It is clear to us that the U.S.government has got depth concern about Azerbaijan´s last anti-terror operation against so-called Karabakh separatists after three decades.In this context,Washington is too worried and indicates that Baku will likely expand the area of anti-terror operation in coming weeks.But on the other hand,Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev´s aide on international affairs and senior foreign policy adviser Hikmet Hajiyev denied Baku has any claims on Armenian territory.But the main punct on this predicament is that before Aliyev stated that Azerbaijan will connect Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with Azerbaijan´s mainland through Zangezur corridor whether Armenia wants it or not.As I see,Biden Adminstration has got deep concern due to this remark.From this perceptive,the U:S. congressmen such as Nancy Pelosi,Anna Eshoo and Frank Pallone are demanding explanation from Blinken on this issue.
In addition to this,we can observe Washington´s commitment to Armenia´s sovereignty and territorial integrity.Actually,Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has already refused Russian platform on solving Karabakh predicament and canceled to go Bishkek to participate in Commonwealth of Independent States summit.I think the situation is getting worse on Karabakh peace talks.And we don´t know that whether the final peace agreement will be signed or not.If we assume that whenever the peace truth is signed and interestingly,where will it be signed-in the west or in Russia.My impression is that the signing of final peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia will be called off.It seems to me that without any permission from the West,Armenia´s Prime Minister will not sign final peace agreement.
However,both Azerbaijan and Armenia could establish direct talks with one another or through mediation of Georgia,whereas Georgia´s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili had offered this to sides.Interestingly,Armenia´s Nikol Pashinyan did not accept Garibashvili´s offer.In reality I could not comprehend this step.
From Politico´s article it seemed to me that some influential groups both in the U.S.Congress and State Department do not want peaceful solution to Karabakh problem.And such type of groups are pushing on Blinken´s decisions.
So,washington could be a reliable mediator on Karabakh peace talks with Brussels Platform.Because the U:S: government possess resources and potential.In my estimation,Washington has still got opportunities in order to achieve mutual convince between baku and Yerevan.If it does not happen,Moscow gets full advantage on this issue.In regard with this issue,Russia does not allow for peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
We can not ignore Iran on this issue either.Tehran is also worried the West´s interference and existence in the South Caucasus.This reality is being understood in the West and in Armenia as well.
So,the political situation in the South Caucasus is getting worse and without final peace agreement between Baku and Yerevan it will be strained in a near future.I think any time soon Baku and Yerevan should find a format to restore peace negotiations.Otherwise,the fresh clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia are not impossible.

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