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The New Anglo-Saxon Era: What Will Happen to Armenia?

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The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has left for Washington to meet with Donald Trump. It turned out right away that the two Anglo-Saxon states have brotherly and fantastic relations, do not have major issues.
They agreed on the need to fight the Islamic state, NATO assistance and improvement and criticized the European Union. As to Russia, they said what they had to – the sanctions will continue.
Trump had not uttered Putin’s name for a long time, the Russians are disappointed, and it is clear what the conversation with Putin would look like. Apparently, the conversation took place within the framework of bad expectations, considering Russia’s need to defend its neighbors. All this has rather preliminary though principled importance.
Ukraine is confused about the relations with the United States though there is the understanding that the “friendship” of the Americans and Russians is a bluff and it is ingenuous to speak about this.
As a more “experienced” country, Georgia does not need it and is conducting a more frank conversation with the Americans. Besides, Georgia has a big and critical experience of relations with the Russians.
Theresa May’s visit to Washington has a direct and targeted relationship to the issue of defense of Russia’s neighbors.
Trump’s statements are quite closely linked to preliminary topics but they have become more elaborate and express his personal radicalism less. He needs to continue such behavior but in this case it is necessary to specify two issues, the domestic policy and the foreign policy.
The impression is that currently Pentagon is guiding his steps, putting forth new issues, particularly in the Near East.
Theresa May’s visit to Ankara had been prepared beforehand and was related to economic and regional issues though perhaps it was also related to security and NATO’s reliable positions in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
Currently the UK is facing the need to strengthen its foothold in the result of a breakthrough in the British policy on Europe and neighboring regions. The British are facing a serious economic and foreign political transformation, and they do not have a clear understanding of how the relations with the key economic partners will be changing.
At the same time, the British people cannot refrain from the European policy and decisions on Russia. While in the European Union, the UK led the anti-Russian trend of the European politics.
The United States and the United Kingdom will continue to head NATO, and this circumstance worries the British and they would like to understand how they can wait for mutual bloc decisions in terms of global security.
In Washington Theresa May made a statement which does not reflect the goals of the United States and the UK. She has announced that the global British policy is not acceptable, which was a reverence to the new American president who supports isolationism to some extent.
But how can NATO development be combined with isolationism? Apparently, this is just an expression that reflects to some extent the cosmopolitism spread since Bill Clinton’s office.
It is clear that the British people torpedoed the policy of Democrats during Obama’s office. It should be noted that the UK had certain goals in this international scandal – to maintain its leading positions in Europe as a NATO leader and not to allow Germany to become a leader though there were a lot of justifications put forth by the Obama administration.
The so-called British period in the foreign policy has started in the United States, and the British people have realized it. They must hurry, they did it in the period of the U.S. presidential election, effectively and successfully.
In domestic policy Trump has significant public support and continues confidently its line in social and immigration issues. Apparently, this line continues, considering the dissatisfaction of the population, especially in the liberal states.
The health care reforms will be complicated, which is collapsing after the elimination of Medicare, and it will disappoint not only the poor people.
A lot is clarified in the U.S. and British policy. Soon the American policy will become more distinct, mostly thanks to the United Kingdom.
And what is going to happen to Armenia. Armenia is still in the marsh of hopes from fossilized and deadlocked Russia, which is going to be the “selected” enemy of the Western community.

Igor Muradyan, Political Analyst

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