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‘No more servility’ in Armenian-Russian relations, says analyst

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The recent power transition processes in Armenia helped create the kind of government which can freely and successfully develop cooperation with Russia without any element of servility, according to an analyst.

At a news conference on Thursday, Stepan Grigoryan highly appreciated the new authorities’ positive attitude to the strategic alliance, highlighting the demonstrated mutual respect for state sovereignty and rights.

“In the past 20 years, the Russian authorities were used to seeing [top government officials] ready to sacrifice anything to maintain power in Armenia and do everything possible [to please Moscow]. That’s actually what Russia has seen over the entire period, i.e. – that those people are willing to cede their sovereignty and hand over [strategically] important infrastructures [to their management].

Russia was kind accustomed to that. But we now have a new government whose approaches have yet to be accepted by the country. The new authorities which have come to power proved bold enough to recall [the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s Secretary-General] Yuri Khachaturov; they have a demonstrated desire to know what’s really what. And they never sign below just any document,” he noted.

Commenting on the Russian public and political circles’ discontent with Khachaturov’s arrest, Grigoryan attributed the general attitude to an inadequate understanding of the mentality pursued by the ‘new generation government’.

“Khachaturov always protected Russian rather than Armenian interests and did so even when he held senior posts in Armenia. So Russia has been accustomed to that,” he added.

Commenting on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent statement criticizing the Armenian authorities for the criminal case, Grigoryan said he doesn’t think that it is anything more serious than “just a form of expressing concern”.


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