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Maria Podlesnova: Armenian tech ecosystem grows really fast

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In the framework of the 12th DigiTec Expo, Russian GenerationS accelerator will hold a contest on October 1, which will be aimed on selection of solutions for Smart City project. The contest will allow the winner startups to cooperate with one of Russia’s largest building companies – Morton.

Ahead of the contest, Itel.am talked to Maria Podlesnova, CEO at Rusbase that realizes Smart City project.

– You are representing the largest startup accelerator in Eastern Europe (GenerationS) and will be in Yerevan in order to meet Armenian startup founders. What are your expectations?

– Firstly, we would like to get acquainted with local entrepreneur community to understand how exactly our accelerator could help entrepreneurs in Armenia. We are also interested in meeting with local investment community (business angels and venture funds) to find out how we can cooperate in further.

– Why did you choose Armenia?

– On the one hand, while creating the roadshow map, we were choosing from the EEU countries. On the other, last year we saw many perspective ventures from Armenia in the SmartCity GenerationS pipeline. That is why we decided to make a special event for acquaintance with the local technological business ecosystem. We are interested to see outstanding and perspective startups in our accelerator. Why not, if Armenia has some?

-What are your general thoughts about Armenian tech ecosystem?

– Armenian tech ecosystem grows really fast as we can see it. Talking about support, top-50 startups will be able to discuss their ideas with our industrial partner – the Morton group. Then best 20 of them are going to have really interesting and helpful acceleration program which includes different classes: from technological business master-classes to individual industrial expertise.

– Can you name any successful Armenian tech startups?

– I guess that Reddit.com founded by Alexis Ohanian is really famous abroad and in Russia as well. Wakie by Hrachik Adjamian is also well-known Armenian tech product with an interesting idea.

-What would be your 3 main advices to Armenian tech startups?

1. Ask yourself if it is really what you want to do in your life. Building up a startup is really stressful as your success consists of 2 main components: hardworking and luck. And one without another doesn’t happen.
2. Don’t wait for the better moment, it can be too late. Moreover, it is always too late.
3. Don’t be afraid to work with big companies. They don’t need you as much as you need them.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Maria Podlesnova

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