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Kamal Aliyev:Is there a direct military confrantation possibility between NATO and Russia?

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Recently,it is spoken much more about direct military clash between NATO and Russia.Thus,NATO Secretary General has stressed that the military alliance would do it’s best for Ukraine to win over Russia.This is why Jens Stoltenberg has pledged to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.We are able to assume that if Russia controls over Ukraine and topple Zelensky government in Kiev the next, Russia will get moral advantage over Western countries.This reality is understood by NATO very well.From this point of view,military alliance does not want to lose against Putin’s Ruusia.The brutal dictator tries his best to divide NATO.And we know that NATO has adopted a firm position in full support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.
As for direct military clash between NATO and Russian Federation,it is inevitable whenever.It will be likely happen on the territory of Ukraine.This can be attack against the Poles who could dare to invade Volyn.In this case,it is important whether Russia will invade first,or NATO.But it is clear that Russia is getting for war with NATO.Due to this,Russia’s president Putin appointed Valery Gerasimov to accomplish this mission.Furthermore,General Gerasimov holds keys to both Strategic Missile Forces and nuclear potential.Russia wants to deter the United States from delivering a preventive nuclear strike.Because this is key important for Russia.
On the other hand,NATO Secretary General J.Stoltenberg said on Jan.15 that the relations between Western countries and Russia would not go back to normal even after the end of the conflict in Ukraine.I am thinking that J.Stoltenberg has clearly explained the real situation between NATO and Russia.NATO leaders are convinced that the direct confrantation between NATO and Russia is inevitable in any time.Like Russia,NATO is getting ready to this war.Before the big war between NATO and Russia,Sweden and Finland must be members of this military alliance.Additionally,the United States and its NATO allies do not need a long war in Ukraine either.Because this conflict leads to the depletion of influence,resources.
Both NATO and Russia have calculated everything to fight with each other.Russia has abounded on January that Poseidon Nuclear Torpede nuclear ammunation for Belgorad nuclear submarine is ready.What does it mean this nuclear submarine?
This is an underwater submarine and there is no way to stop this vehicle approaching a target at a depth of one kilometre at a speed of 200 km/h carrying a nuclear warhead.And its explosion will create a giant wave up 500 meters high off the coast.This nuclear drone is too dangerous and NATO knows the effect of this underwater vehicle.
As a result,We are unable to give a definite time about the confrantation between NATO and Russia.But the outcome of this war be devastating for all humanity.Certainly,the center of a great war between NATO and Russia will be Europe.Putin’s aim is clear:it is to exterminate EU,NATO and social structure of the continent.In order to achieve this target,Russia’s dictator has alliance with nations like China,Uran and North Korea.

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