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Kamal Aliyev:Does Armenia need new Avarayr battle?

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The former chief adviser of then president of Armenia(Levon-Ter Petrosyan)Zhirayr Liparityan has said that he has talked to Artak Beglaryan before the second Karabakh war(2020)that the war will come and we will lose.I think that J.Liparityan is an experienced political scientist and historian and wants the political history of Armenia better than A.Beglaryan.Additionaly,Z.Liparityan knows deeply the economic potential of Armenia.But the main predicament is clear:most of Armenians,especially living in Upper Karabakh do not understand the reality or do not want to accept it.But Z.Liparityan who was L.Petrosyan’s adviser from 1993 to 1997 offers a comprehensive solution to Armenians.Unfortunately,the pepole like Ruben Vardanyan,A.Arutyunyan,Babayan,Balasanyan,Beglaryan do not want this problem to be solved.
As Liparityan said,Armenia does not need new Avarayr battle.This battle happened in 451 between Christian Armenians and Sassanid Persia.This was an important battle for Armenians to defend their Christian faith.As a result of Avarayr battle Sassanids defeated Armenians but according to Nvarsak Treaty Armenians could practice Christianity freely.But problem is that Armenians can not acknowledge their defeat and hope that whenever they will get independence through the help Russia.On the other hand,Armenians think that the trilateral treaty which was signed on the 10 th of November in 2020 well be abolished after 3 years.Armenian special representative E.Marukyan has said that everything will be changed in 2025.

However,A.Beglaryan says that he is in favor of a long and decisive struggle and they have no alternative.But Z.Liparityan thinks optimistically with any cooparation with Azerbaijan.Beglaryan is a man who is an experianced politician says that it is not impossible to find a solution and to keep Karabakh for a long time,after facades,may be centuries to consider complete return this region from Azerbaijan.The fact is that Artak’s dream will not realised in any time.

Especially,after the signing of Shusha Decleration between Azerbaijan and Turkey it is not possible for small Armenia.

Kamal Aliyev

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