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Kamal Aliyev:Baku wants extraterritorial status for Zengezur corridor and joint control over Lachin road

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The protest by environmental activists on the way between Susha and Lachin is going on.It is clear that Azerbaijanian government wants to conduct inspection in all parts of Karabakh controlled by Russian peacekeepers and illegal Armenian military forces.Most importantly,official Baku wants extraterritorial status for Zengezur corridor.And as I mentioned Azeri government wants at least possibly joint control over with Russian peacekeepers on Lachin corridor.On the other hand,Aliyev authority tests periodically Russian reaction.As you see,Russia’s reaction to the events on Lachin-Shusha road is weak and inadequate.Of course on this matter there are some reasons.On of them is Shusha Decleration between Azerbaijan and Turkey which was signed last year.It means that if any country attacks on Azerbaijan Turkey will be with Baku and respond to this as possible as it can.From this point of view,Russia is not able to interrupt to this process.
However,Russia has concerns and deep problems in Ukraine.And Moscow does’nt want to open second front in the South Caucasus.We know that Russia and Turkey have common interests in Syria,creating energy hub,the problems of gray exports,communication channels with the Western worl.And Krabakh problem is only a peace of puzzle.And as a result,no one must expect that Russia will attack on Azerbaijan from Dagestan.It is impossible.I accept that Russia is still a great power and performs certain functions in our region.Regardles of these,Russia does not want to lose its control in South Caucasus.First of all,Russis has a clear strategy:too keep its military bases in our region forever.That is why Russia does not need Karabskh problem to be solved.If Karabach predicament is solved,Russia must abandon South Caucasus.
But Azeri government wants to solve all its problems as soon as possible.Baku thinks that something may change in the great geopolitics of the region.This is why,Aliyev government takes steps to solve Karabakh problem and control over all parts of this region.Otherwise it can be difficult for Azerbaijan.Russia thinks the status of Karabakh must be solved by future generation.Aliyev wants extraterritorial status for Zengezur corridor,solving of demarcation,delimitation between Azerbaijan and Armenia.Azerbaijan sees ethnic Armenians living in Khankendi and other settlements of Karabakh as its citizens.Despite this Russia uses Ruben Vardanyan as political tool against Azerbaijan and makes money from gold in Karabakh.

Kamal Aliyev

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