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Kamal Aliyev: Will Russis be able to make second Donbas in Kazakhstan?

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Firstly,I would to make clear that Kazakhstan is one of the biggest countries in the world with 18 million people.In addition,the 35% of population consists of ethnic Russians,mostly living in the northern part of this country.
But the events which are happening in Kazakhstan now affect also the future of this land.

There are plant of leaderless,disorganized and youngsters people protesting against the government.These angry people stormed the official buildings,toppled Nazarbayev’s statues,burned his residence and clashed with the police in the streets.It is pity that the demonstrations proceed until this day and many innocent people were killed.This is of course a great tragedy for kazakhs and whole Central Asia.
N.Nazarbayev is 81 years old and has ruled the biggest and oil riched country of Central Asia.In 2019 he resigned from his post,but appointed his daughter Dariga Nazarbayeva as a deputy of prime minister.The current president K.J.Tokayev leads the country.As you know N.Nazarbsyev has already left the country for UAE.Tokayev,who was elected the president of the republic of Kazakhstan is an uncharismatic successor-though,Tokayev until this has been working as prime minister and the speaker of Senate.
The problem was also this that in 2029 N.Nazarbayev retained power as head of Securuty Council.
First of all,Tokayev wanted to appease the protesters.On Wednesday,he dissolved the government and dismissed N.Nazarbayev from the Security Council and lowered the fuel’s prices.As you know the fuel’sprice sparked the unrest in a western town on January 2.

The law-enforcement officers were unable to stop the protesters.Then Tokayev invited Russian-dominated security block to prevent the rallies.This fact was also a great tragedy for me.The soldiers are already in Kazakhstan including Armenian forces. Civilians and polish have died in the clashes.More then 50 people have died.I rimmed you that all these are unofficial figures.I think that there is a number of casualties in Almaty,Kizilorda and other cities.It is hard to access reliable information.I think that Tokayev wants Moscow’s chance to restore its power in Kazakhstan.As I said,Kazakhstan with its hydrocarbon reserves is Central Asia’s powerhouse.And this popular revolt is also a great chance for Russis to restore USSR fir the second time.All dictators betray their countries.One of them now is Tokayev.It seems to me that Tokayev helps to Putin to restore Soviet Union.This is my personal thought.Intiristingly,Kreml says also that Kazakhstsn is able to independently to solve its domestic problems and warned against foreign interference.But the president of Kazakhstan invites Russian led military alliance “to save”his country and his government.The Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO)is led by Russia.This military organisation includes 5 former Soviet countries.

While Kazakh officials call demonstrations “extremists”,the crowds of mostly young kazakhs are uncoordinated,without apparent leaders are not backed by Kazakhstan’s marginalised and fractured opposition.

I do not know what happens in a near future in Kasakhstan,but the invitation Russian military forces as a”peacekeeper)to this country will be dangerous.All dictators do that in order to save their powers.I call current situations in Kazakhstan as a struggle for future generations.The people in this country are fed up with Nazarbsyev’s dictatorship.Especially,the young generation wants more democracy and freedom.They are not satisfied with old methods.I am sure that kazakhs will not accept Russian soldiers in their land.The independence of this country is crucial for all kazakhs.From now on,they will hate not only Russian forces,but also Tokayev.

Kamal Aliyev Kafkassam

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