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Kamal Aliyev: Will Israil attack on Iran in two or three years?

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Firstly,Iran could potentially raise the fissile purity of its uranium to wapons-grade in short order.It is clear that if Iran achieves its nuclear goals,it will be a great danger not only the security of Israil but also Arabic worl.Due to this reality,the gulf states led by Saudi Arabia and UAE come together to Israil to eradicate this possibility.
However,building a deliverable warhead would take it years.And official Tel-Aviv has always declared that it is ready to attack its enemy’s nuclear facilities.From my point of view,Israilian Army(IDF)has calculated of possibilities at war with Iran.Hence,Iranian rejime has proxy forces like Hezbullah,Hamas and other terror groups.
But Israil should take into account that it has the military clout to deliver lasting damage to Iranian nuclear facilities that are distant,dispersed and well defended.As it is mentioned,Iran will soon take delivery of a full squadron of Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets from Russia.These jets are fourth-generation,twin-engine,suoer-maneuverable fighter jets.Nowdays,Iran delivers its drones to Russia in order to use those in Ukraine.Russia and Iran help each other or these two regimes are forced to do this.
Of course,Israil observes the military deals between Moscow and Tehran and at any time will respond to this threat.Through the help of Russia Iran will not change its expansion polish in Middle East and accelerate enrichment to military grade.But there is a simple question:can Iran change its policies? The answer to this question is clear:if extreme sanctions are imposed on it.Otherwise Iran will do it’s best to have a great influence in the Middle East.
By the way,Israil’s defence minister Benny Gants has expressed that his country could attack Iranian nuclear facilities in two or three years.According to B.Gants,pilots of army may be traversing the skies eastward and taking part in an attack on nuclear sites in Iran.Yes,B.Gants says that Israil can attack on Iran in two or three years bit it can be happened in a near future.We see that Iranians have ramped up uranium enrichment and regime continues its activity toward this goal.After B.Gant’s warnings Iranian Generak Staff of the Armed Forces has declared that any potential “miscalculation”by the enemies at any time and place would be responded decisively via attacking their source of actions.

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