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Kamal Aliyev: Why Putin challenges to a world?

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Russisn president challenges to a world in order to enter the USA and allies negotiation process.I would to express my ideas so that Putin’s conditions to the West are basically ultimatum.
Putin’s Russia demands changes in NATO’s posture in Europa that,if granted,would alter geopolitical balance on the continent to Moscow’s advantage.
As you know,Russia demands that from now on NATO would not accept new member without Russia’s consent.On the other hand,Russia demands seriously that the Western alliance keeps no armed forces close to its borders.Of course,on this matter,Russia means firstly Ukraine an Georgia.I have so understood that Russia wants these two former soviet countries-Ukraine and Georgia are to be barred from joining NATO.And there cannot be and foreign troops on the territories of Ukraine and Georgia.
İnterestingly,Russia deos not want any NATO military entities in Baltic states and Poland.It further insists that the USA must remove its nuclear weapons from Europa.From my point of view,all these conditions are baseless and unrealistic.
The Baltic countries are member of NATO and EU since 2004.This is why Russia’s demands will be likely not realized.
However,they are meant to give Russia a strong bargaining position and to make its leaders appear forceful,both at home and abroad.
I want to rem7nd you that the rivelary between Rusdia and the West reignated some ten years ago.Lately,the West has been angered by alleged Russian covert efforts to interfere in elections in the US and Europe its poisonous anti-Wester propaganda on social media.İn its turn,the West support Russisn opposition.As a result,the mutual distrust these rivals is colossal.
Putin’s ultimatum comes at a time,when the US is involved with an assertive Chine,which challenges Taiwan.
The West imposed executive sanctions against Russia after annexation of Crimea by this country.İn addition,Russia supported Donbas and Lugansk separatists used these illegal armed groups against central government.
As I tell honestly,the economic sanctions by the West have s little effect on Russia and these cannot prevent this country from its aggression.Germsny is the largest economy in Europe and has heavily dependent on Russian gas as much as Russia depends upon the export revenues.And now,the threats have provided the Kremlin with the perfect opportunity to respond in a tit-for-tat fashion.That is why,Russia issued ultimatum.For me the West has not got any serious plan and strategy in dealing with Putin’s aggression.
Over the last decade,the USA and Europa have accomplished little by denouncing the Kremlin’s actions and responding meekly to them.Yes,I have always found this as a hard problem and weakness.
Recently,Brussel has upped the ante by reacting with belligerent toward Russia and Chine.But playing martial card is grotesque.The main problem on this matter is that EU has not any adequate military and defence capabilities.And as you see,Russia forces the USA to the table as possible as it can.Putin threatens Ukraine with its military buildup on the border in order to enter C.Biden administration to serious negotiations.As I understood,Putin want to resolve Ukrainian problem untill spring,otherwise,it will be more difficult for him.I expect that Russia and the US will start negotiations after January. Let’s wait what happens.İn spirt if these problems,I pray for Ukraine and ukrainians peace,stability.Ukraine has always supported Azerbaijan on Karabakh issue.Due to,we have to support this country as well.

Kamal Aliyev Kafkassam

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