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Kamal Aliyev: Why Pashinyan is disagree with Putin and Macron?

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a statement in his New Year’s speach that our security allies left us alone.Pashinyan has also said that Armenia is not alone in the world and and it does have friends.By and large,it is fact that France and Russia till this time are two strategic allies of Armenia.These two countries were two co-chairs of OSCE Minsk Group.But nowdays Armenia’s close friend Russia is at war in Ukraine and dealing with economic sanctions of West.It means that Russia will not struggle for Armenia with Azerbaijan.On one hand,last year on Febuary Russia has signed an agreement with Azerbaijan consisting of 43 points.According to agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Russia these two countries are already strategic partners as well.As for me Azerbaijan should not have signed an agreement with Russia.I find dangerous enough any kind of agreement or truce with Kreml.From our history we Azerbaijanis have witnessed that it is not possible to rely on Russia.Until this time all Armenian leaders including Kocharyan,Sarkisyan have relied on Russia.The former leaders of Armenia believed in Russia that this country will save Armenians forever.But as a result of 44 days war it was clear that Russia will not struggle against Turkey-Azerbaijan tandem.
Firstly,Russia has a trade with Turkey.In addition,it must not be forgotten Erdogan-Putin friendship.Either Turkey or Russia have geopolitical interests in Syria and Libya.Although Ankara defends the government which recognized by UN and Russa Khalifa Haftar the commander of Tobruk based-Libyan National Army,Turkey and Russia are eager to solve this problem.
On the other hand,Turkish president Erdogan in 2020 has proposed “3+3″regional partnership agreement among Russia,Turkey,Iran,Armenia,Azerbaijan and Georgia.Besides to Georgia all regional countries are keen on this project.We know that Russia want Zengezur corridor to be opened.According to tripartite agreement signed by Russia,Azerbaijan and Armenia on 10 November,2020 all economic and transport connections in the region shall be unblocked.The republic of Armenia will guarantee the security of transport connections between the western regions of the republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous republic in order to arrange unobstructed movement of persons,vehicles and cargo in both directions.And of course Russian Border Guard Forces will be responsible for overseeing the transport connections.Both Russia and Turkey are interested in Zengezur corridor to be opened.But Armenia and Iran are against to this project.Iran sees Zengezur corridor as a red line,Armenia wants to control the road with its security forces.

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