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Kamal Aliyev: Why PACE insists on political solution for Lachin corridor?

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The Parliamentary Assembly of the Councel of Europe has expressed its deep concern the events happening on Lachin Corridor.From the resolution which adopted yesterday,we could understand that the PACE,it accepts the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
On the other hand,the Assembly fully recognizes Azerbaijan’s concern to ensure security within its territory and its borders.Besides,the Assembly is struck by the fact that Azerbaijani government does not accept the serious and humanitarian issues.We are seeing that the Assembely(PACE) is concerned with the humanitarian problems about ethnic Armenians living in Karabakh.It is also fact that the Assembly does not have any authority to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan.The Assembly is able to recommend to Azerbaijan to take some steps aiming to unblock Lachin Cortidor.But Azerbaijan government insists on that it does have authority on Lachin Corridor and this is based on international law.
Additionally,Azerbaijan has a right and of course responsibility to protect and ensure the security of all people within its borders.Baku proposes reintegration process for Armenians.But the separatist adminstration in Karabakh does not accept Baku’s proposal and is interested in “international mechanism”for mutual dialogue.As we have seen,the Karabakh separatists led by A.Arutyunyan want to be accepted as an entity by either Baku or international community.Actually,Karabakh separatist try their best to get “self-determination”.But no one believes that Baku gives this right to Armenians.The USA keens on thet Karabakh Armenians to have direct dialogue or consultations in a neutral place.Washington’s proposal are suitable to Azerbaijan but the Karabakh separatist rely on Russia.
Thus,the Assembly expressed its conviction the “a humanitarian response is not sufficient and that a political solution is needed”.
In general,we know that the International Court of Justice ordered Azerbaijan to urgently take all measures at its disposal to ensure unimpeded movement of persons,vehicles and cargos along the Lachin Corridor in both directions.

The Assembly has expressed its worry by the hostile and threatening rhetoric used against Armenians at the highest levels of Azerbaijan’s leadership and urged our government to repudiate this rhetoric to tackle hate speech.On the other hand,The Assembly urged Armenia’s leadership hate rhetoric against Azerbaijanias.It is known that The Assembly did it’s best to demonstrate impartial position.And it means that PACE wants to work with both sides to ensure peace and stability in South Caucasus.The most important think is that The Assemly sees the peace truth between Azerbaijan and Armenia without Russia’s participation.
Azerbaijan and Armenia have been in conflict more than thirty years and as a rusalt both sides have lost many death.
Recently,recognizing territorial integrity by both sides is so much vital for final solution.I mean that both sides should demonstrate political determination to solve this problem as well.

Kamal Aliyev

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