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Kamal Aliyev: Why is Turkey still against Sweden’s bid to NATO?

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As we now,alarmed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2020,two Nordic countries Sweden and Finland threw away their longstanding policies of military nonalignment.And these two nations are are afraid of Russia’s occupation.Due to this reality,both Nordic nations applied to join to NATO in May.
Since that time Turkish government has objections to their accession on the grounds of security concerns.Ankara claims that Sweden is a home for PKK members and Gulenists.Actually,Sweden extradited three PKK members to Turkey.But Ankara says that this is not enough and wants more concessions from Stokholm and Helsinki.
On the other hand,Swedish parliament passed a new anti-terror law expected to come into force in spring.It is expected that the new anti-terror law will enable to prohibit terror groups.Interestingly,Swedish premier minister Kristersson said that his government could not fulfill all of Ankara’s conditions for approving its application to join NATO.According to Swedish government,Ankara demands more conditions to be fulfilled and it is practically impossible.I geuss that Ankara is playing now a political game between Russia and West.Ankara takes into account and getting advantage from this situation.Turkish Armed Forces is the second largest power within NATO after US and Ankara uses this fact as a political tool.This is why,Turkey is not in a position to approve Sweden’s NATO bid.Now,Erdogan government does not want to send a law (ratification)to the parliament.It is possible that some lawmaker of Turkish parliament(TBMM)may choose not to ratify it.

We know that the sides(Turkey,Sweden,Finland)signed an agreement on June 28 at a NATO summit in Madrid.In this summit both Nordic nations vowed to address Ankara’s security concerns and fulfill critical demands.Ankara wants not only PKK suspects,but also some important gulenists.Turkey accepts gulenist group as a terror organization and demands all suspects closed to Fethullah Gulan who lives in US.Last month Sweden’s top court refused to extradite a well-known gulenist Bulent Kenes.After this decision by Sweden’s top court,Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that,Stokholm is not halfway through fulfilling the commitments.
In conclusion,I guess that this problem will be resolved within NATO,but it depends upon firstly Turkish lawmakers in the parliament.Snd the lawmakers have a great intention to see some vital commitments to be fulfilled by Swedish government on terror suspects.

Kamal Aliyevkafkassam

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