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Kamal Aliyev: Why is Turkey against Finish and Swedish NATO membership?

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Firstly,Turkish government wants Sweden and Finland to take a tougher line against the Kurdistan Workers Party(PKK) and Gulenist network it blames for a 2016 coup attempt.The PKK is designated by the US,EU,Sweden a terrorist organisation.I remind of you that Turkey along Sweden and Finland agreed in Madrid to work harder against terror entities including the PKK.Sweden and Finland pledged to Turkey to deport or extradite terror suspects.As a result of Madrid meeting,the three countries made an agreement to fight together against terror groups.Right now we see that Sweden is unable to meet Turkey’s all demands Becouse Ankara wants many Kurds and gulenists from Stokholm.Turkey has got now any kind of big problems with Finland.Thus,Helsinki has already eradicated weapon embargo against Ankara.
Recently,tensions between Turkey and Stockholm have been tightened by protests in Sweden.A radical politician named Paludan has burned holy book Koran in front of Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.Turkish side has said that it is a hate crime.
On the other hand,Sweden has addressed many of Turkey’s concerns and says that it will continue to implement the memorandum signed in Madrid.But We see clear that these are not enough for Ankara.And Turkish side demands more concessions as possible as it can.
As a political pundit,I am interested in Turkey’s main goal blocking Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO.I guess that this is a political scenario by Erdogan in order to divert voter’s attention from a cost-of-living crises in Turkey.This is a tactic so often used by Turkish president.Through this tactic Mr.Erdogan projects an image as a great leader.According to me,Erdogan also wants to use NATO ratification as a part of a deal with Washington.Turkish relations with it’s NATO ally Washington are not good.Because the US supports Kurdish forces in Syria to fight against ISIS.That is why,the ties between Ankara and Washington are strained in Syria.Besides,Turkey wants to buy F-16 fighter jets from the United States.But plant of congressmen do not want to sell F-16 fighter jets to Ankara.The reasons are clear:Greece and Kurdish forces in Syria.In addition,the US and the main EU countries are thinking that Turkey is on the brink of dictatorship.After Erdogan’s two decades authority,the West wants to work with another government in Ankara.
As for Sweden and Finland,both countries have a great intention to be members of NATO.After a long period,Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted Sweden and Finland a rethink.From this point of view,Sweden and Finland see NATO as a best way to ensure their security from Russia.
Finland has got a 1,300 km border with Russia but Swedish island of Gotland lies 300 km border with Russian Federation.Without NATO Sweden and Finland will not be able to ensure ther security from Russia.Althouhg Finland has got 285,000 soldiers and 650 tanks.
Strategically,these countries play an important role in NATO’s frontline against Russian invasion.With these countries NATO will to expand it’s power in the Baltic are.In short,Sweden and Finland have got a strategic position.

I think that until the election in May,Turkey Turkish government will not allow that Sweden and Finland to be members of NATO.Now Turkish and Hungarian parliaments are not eager to ratify accession process for Sweden and Finland.But it is appeared a question than could NATO expelling Turkey due to Sweden and Finland?
It is an interesting question.In fact,there is not any formal mechanism for the suspension and explusion in NATO’s documents.And more importantly,Turkey as a Middle East country is a strategic partner and second largest army for NATO.But Turkish leader Receb Tayyib Erdogan has announced Sweden no support for NATO membership bid if no respect for beliefs.
Let us wait what happens in a near future whether Turkey allows NATO bid for Sweden and Finland…

Kamal Aliyev

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