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Kamal Aliyev: Why Iranian regime does not accept Embassy incident as a terror act?

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Last Friday a gunman with a Kalashnikov rifle entered Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran and killed the head of security service and wounded two other guards.Of course,after this terror act Tehran’s police chief Hossain Rahimi was fired from his duty,but Iranian side perseveringly claims that this incident was not terror act.Likewise,official Tehran claims that this crime commited by Yasin Hossainzade,an Iranian sitizen was his two children in the Embassy.But the footages from security surveillance revealed that the gunman commited this crime alone.Furthermore,there is not any kind of “personal motive”behind this terror act.In addition,Yasin Hosssinzade’s wife could not have been in the Embassy building for eight months.Hossainzade’s wife disappeared because of Hossainzade,not Azerbaijanian diplomats.
Though,this was a terror attack against Azerbaijan’s embassy,until this time,Tehran is unable to accept this incident as a terror act and uses Israil and “Zionizm”as a political tool.
Yesterday Iran’s Parliament speaker Mohammad Bager Qalibaf participating in the 17th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooparation in Algiers has that Azerbaijan government is making emotional decisions following a resent attack on the countrie’s embassy in Tehran.
According to M.B.Qalibaf,Azerbaijan behaves emotionally on this issue and Israil takes advantage of this incident.
As you see,Iranian regime can not accept the fact and does not take responsibility on its shoulders.But high-ranking Iranian government officials like Qalibaf emphasises that emotional decisions on the two countries’ relations is what the common and il-wishing enemies of the Islamic world,especially “Zionist regime”,want.As for me,Iranian regime,especially Qalibaf’s supreme leader Seyid Ali Khamanei abuses “Islam”for his mercantile interests and to expand his regime’s lifetime.Iran as a Islamic state has supported Armenian occupation in the last three decades.In the last thirty years Iranian regime did not see pigs in the mosques in the lands occupied by Armenian forces.That is why,We do not believe in Iran’s “Islamic sensibility”any more.

On the other hand,Iran’s Parliament speaker Qalibaf threatens us that Azerbaijan must be careful and vigilant about any decision that could have long-term consequences for mutual ties.
I want to emphasize that after the collapsing of Soviet Union and Azerbaijan regained its independence,we have hear such kind of aforementioned threats by Iranian regime.Iranian regime has always taken advantage of Azerbaijan’s weakness at the beginning of independent history.But the world system is being changed and Tehran is aware of this reality.As I always said,Iranian regime is in agony and has lost its self-controle and state mind.
İranian regime has created and is creating long-term problems with Azerbaijan and due to Tehran’s behavior there is a strict mistrust between two nations.
In conclusion,we see plenty of indications on this incident that it is a terror act and the terrorist is likely has connections with radical groups in Iran.We are expecting from Iran impartial and comprehensive investigation over this terror attack.Otherwise,Iranian regime bears tremendous responsibility for this heinous crime.After a fair and neutral investigation,the two neighbouring countries can come together and discuss problems.Azerbaijan has got a lot of security concerns about Iran’s destructive policies and all these must be eradicated urgently.
Iran must keep away from its heinous actions against Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan will never be open for Iran’s soft power and hard power operations.Never.

Kamal Aliyev

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