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Kamal Aliyev: Why Chine backs Russia in its Ukraine politics?

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The answer to this question is clear:Both global powers are competing with West and are against NATO’s expanding toward East.
On one hand,Russis and Chine are thinking that USA is destabilizing the global security with its allies.And Beijing has agreed with Moscow that the USA and its NSTO military alliance must not admit new members.
In this case I understand Russia’s concerns,but what does China want,this I find groundless.
Moscow and Beijing have signed a long strategic document.Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart demand that NATO must stop its expanding policy.These countries oppose the further expansion of NSTO snd call on this military organisation to abandon its ideological approaches as possible as it can.
It seems to me that nowadays Russia needs China and China needs Russia.Either Chine or Russia know that there is a collective West facing them.That is why both Moscow and Beijing must focus on the USA and its partners.
Russian president V.Putin has prepared his nation against West’s”threat”for a long time.And a number of Russisns think that without V.Putin Russia will be destroyed by West.
As you know the USA said that it had evidance of a plan by Moscow to film a fake Ukrainian attack on Russians to justify an attack on its neighbour.This information was appeared before Putin’s meeting with Xi hours ahead of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olyimpic Games.
Pentagon spokesman J.Kirby said the US had information that the Russians want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion.Russia has repeteadly denied such kind of invasion plans.Kreml says that it does not have any invasion plan on Ukraine.
Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says that this isthe delusional nature of such fabrications.

On the other hand,the president of Turket Recep Tayyip Erdogsn and British prime minister Boris Johnson visited Ukraine.Botht leaders pay attention to Ukraine’s security.The Turkish side signed very important documents with Ukraine.As I see Turkey is keen on security and stability in Ukraine.Erdogan gas invited Zelensky to Istsnbul to negotiate with Russisn president V.Putin.This invitation was admitted by Zelenskyy.We will see V.Putin comes to Istsnbul or not.
During Erdogan’s visit he and his Ukrainian counter part signed so important agreement expanding the production of parts in Ukraine for a Turkish combat drone.
Ankara sold many modern combat drones to Kiev and this angered Moscow.But Ankara has good relations with Moscow.Both countries are working in Syria,Karabakh and Libyen.
I hope thet V.Outin will admit Erdogan’s invitation to meet with Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Istanbul.I hope that Kiev and Moscow will return to Minsk Accords to solve the conflict between them.

Kamal Aliyev Kafkassam

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