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Kamal Aliyev: Who wins Yerevan Council of Elders… Tigran Avinyan or Hayk Marutyan…

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Firstly.Yerevan Council of Elders consists of 33 memebers and which party or political bloc wins majority,will elect new major for Armenian capital.
If we pay attention the current relations between Russia and Armenia,this election will determine the future of Russian-Armenian relations.From this point of view,the elections are held under a proportional electoral system for Yerevan major will have a great influence on Russian-Armenian bilateral relations.

My impression on this issue is that,the election race for Yerevan major will be held between two main rivals.Prime Minister Pashinyan´s candidate is Tigran Avinyan.According to last public opinion,Tigran Avinyan 22,5% of respondents are going to vote for Civil Contract Party´s majoral candidate Tigran Avinyan.As I saw, this result is not enough for Pashinyan´s candidate for winning Yerevan major.
However,Tigran Avinyan´s main rival is Hayk Marutyan representing National Advancement Party.Hayk Marutyan was a former Yerevan major and he has got an experience on administration body.The other candidates are Andranik Tevanyan from Mother armenia blok and Mane Tandilyan representing Country for Life Party.Interestingly,Mane Tandilyan is supported and financed by Kremlin´s man Ruben Vardanyan
As I mentioned above,each candidate or Party is struggling to win more members in the Yerevan Council of Elders.Thus,after the preliminary results,we can imagine Yerevan major.If Tigran Avinyan does not get enough seats to Yerevan Council of Elders,he will be obliged to have a coalition with other political parties and candidates.And if we consider last public opinion,no majoral candidate gets enough advantage.
In this situation,Hayk Marutyan will make a great afford to have a coalition with Mane Tandilyan and other candidates.As I emphasized,Tandilyan is supported and financed by Ruben Vardanyan.Ruben Vardanyan belongs to Russia.

On the other hand,Russia is eager to topple Pashinyan from power.And on this way,Russia needs to win Yerevan Council of Elders.Because Yerevan is capital,most populated city in Armenia.It means that which political party wins Yerevan,it will have a a great opportunity to win the next general elections in Armenia.From Russia´s perspective,in order to topple Nikol Pashinyan from power,the first task is winning Yerevan Council of Elders or to have a huge majority in Yerevan city Council.
Kamal Aliyev

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