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Kamal Aliyev: Who gave order to shoot down Ukrain’s helicopter in Kyiv?

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Puma helicopter with the Ministry of Interior on board crashed on the morning of January 18 near a kindergarten in Brovary-20 km far from capital city Kyiv.On the board of helicopter there were minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Denis Monasttyrsky,his deputy Yevgeny Yenin and other officials.According to last news more than 24 people were killed as a result of this tragedy.Most likely,this event is a terror act and a crime against Ukranian authority and civil people.There are usually some assumption about these helicopter clashes.First of all,it is possible that the helicopter crashed due to piloting error.On the other hand,the helicopter was flying in foggy weather and allegedly hit the roof of the kindergarten in Brovary.Brovary is a suburb of Kyiv and in February Las year there was happened terrible clashes between Russia’s occupation forces and Ukranian soldiers.My personal suspect is Russia.And from my point of view this the realization of this tragedy was prepared by Russia in order to get psychological win over Zelensky government and all Ukranian people.
The minister of internal affairs Denis Monastyrsky and his deputy Yevgeny Yenin both were important figures in Zelensky government.That is why,it is most likely Russisn special forces could have assassinated these figures.Interestingly,this this Crime commited after Alekset Arestovych resigned from the position of an adviser to the President’s office.It is believed that Zelensky’s former adviser Arestovych resigned from his position because of his remarks on a terror attack in Dnipro.A.Arestovych had said that the rocket attack on a building in Dnipro was by Ukranian military forces.After his slayings former adviser was forced to resign from his position.
As we know the West gives many verbal promises to supply heavy arms to Kyiv,but takes a little action.Germany does not give permission for the export of Leopard tanks,whereas it is much more important for Ukranian army to fight against Russian aggression.I hope that in a near future Germany government will supply these tanks to Kyiv.
In addition to,Ursula von der Leyen urged EU leaders to give Kyiv any weapon that can be used there.But Ukraine needs now heavy weapons to fight effectively against Ruusian occupation forces.Otherwise,it will be too difficult for Ukranian army to take back occupied lands.
However,the ministers of law enforcement forces of Ukraine have to be preserved as well.In ant time Russia is able to attack on Ukranian key important military figures.In the last terror act we witnessed this reality.

Kamal Aliyev

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