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Kamal Aliyev: What means Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Israel for Iran?

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At last,after a long time Azerbaijan has appointed Mukhtar Mammadov as an ambassador in Israel.Before this important position M.Mammadov has been working as a deputy minister of Education responsible for cooperative projects with Israel in the fields of science and education.It does mean that Mukhtar Mammadov has an experience about Israel.It is known that a year after the collapsing Soviet Union Israel had an embassy in Azerbaijan.In November Azerbaijani parliament had voted to open embassy in Tel-Aviv.
Furthermore,I want to remind of you that the ambassador appointment was made a day after Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fariz Rzayev in Israel for an official visit.During his visit in Israel Fariz Rzayev had said that “the sky is the limit”for the two countries’mutual relations.
Now It is not less interesting that how will Islamic Republic of Iran will react to Azerbaijani’s ambassador appointment to Israil.As you remember,last year Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian accused Israel of establishing military presence and secret alliance with Azerbaijan.Of course,this was absurd and rejected by Azerbaijan.We all know that Iran opened a consulate in Armenia,Kapan.Iran’s desicion was openly against Azerbaijan and Zengezur corridor.Interestingly,until this time Iran has never considered to open consulate in Kapan.Nevertheless,Azerbaijan has a right to open embassy in Tel-Aviv.It is clear that İlham Aliyev’s desicion will irritate mullah regime.But all have to know that Azerbaijan has its geopolitical interests and plans.And it is not important for us that whatever Iran thinks.On the other hand,Iran did not need to open consulate in Kapan.Iran did that because of Zengezur corridor,which is called by Iranian pundits as a Turan road.In addition,Iran mounted two times large-scale military exersices along the border with Azerbaijan.After these military drills mounted by regime,Aliyev responded by posing for photographs with Israeli kamikaze drones.
Mukhtar Mammadov is the first ever Ambassador to Israel and I hope that he does his best to develope bilateral relations between to nations.Israel in contrary with Iran,has supported Azerbaijan in the second Karabakh war with modern weopans and also in the international arena.

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