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Kamal Aliyev: What brings Iranian Galibaf’s visit to Azerbaijan?

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İranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagir Galibaf said that the misunderstandings with Azerbaijan have been cleared up.
Galibaf has met with his Azerbaijani counterpart in the framework of the 13th Plenary Session of the Asian Parliamentry Assembly held in Turkey.In resent years,there is a plenty of problems between Baku and Tehran.After the 44 days of war in Karabakh Tehran can not accept the outcomes and is against Zengezur corridor.On one hand,Iranian regime is concerned with Azerbaijan’s close relations with Israil.After Azerbaijan regained its independence in 1991,there was’nt Emassy in Israil.Baku has always considered the relations between Iran and Israil.But after the second Karabakh war Iran has always defended Armenia’s interests.Of course,Tehran has also supported Armenia before the second Karabakh war.But,especially in the last two years Iran insists on that Zengezur corridor changes the geopolitical map of the region and rejects interference by-extra regional countries.It is clear that for Iran “extra-regional”countries are Turkey and Israil.Israel is Iran’s arch enemy and in the Middle East mullahs are fighting with their proxies against jewish state.Turkey is a member of NATO and historically there is a rivalry between these two countries.On the other hand,after a long time the mutual relations between Tel-Aviv and Ankara are getting better.In is understandable that the warm relations between Iran and Turkey create problems for Tehran.Therefore,after the Abraham Accards signed with four arab countries,Israil wants to continue normalization process with arab States.The new government led by B.Netenyahu is so strict Iran.Iranian regime guess that in a near future Azerbaijan is able to establish trilateral unity with Turkey and Israil.Tehran does not believe in Turkey and can not accept Turkish influence in South Caucasus.Additinally,Iran is against the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia.In order to decrease and weaken Ankara and Israil’s influence in Azerbaijan in the last two years Iran has threatened Azerbaijan.Interestingly,Iran threatens Azerbaijan with Islamic Revolutionary Guard Coros(IRGC).Iranian regime thinks that the way to Quds passes through Baku.I find this ridicules and illogical.
İran’s foreign minister has said that Parliament Speaker Galibaf’s meeting with the head of Azeri Parlisment speaker Sudabe Gafarova had good achievements in decreasing misconceptions between Tehran and Baku.
In coming days Iranian Parliament speaker comes to Azerbaijan.We don’t know what is expected after Galibaf’s visit to Baku.But I guess that sooner or later Iran will accept Zengezur corridor,otherwise future relations between Baku and Tehran will be deteriorated.And it does not have any advantage for both sides.Yes,the territorial integrity of Armenia is “red line”for Armenia,but Azerbaijan is also a sovereign country.

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