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Kamal Aliyev: USA-Russia talks on Ukraine take place on January. 10. in Ceneva

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First of all,there is no immediate word on who would represent the USA and Russia on January.10.The USA and Russia will hold talks on European security and Ukranian conflict.As you know, official Moscow listed demands from western countries including also blocking the expansion of NATO.As for me,these demands or conditions introduced by Russia are ultimatums.
The Russian side has recently grown increasingly insistent NATO is encroaching dangerously close to Russia’s borders.Russia’s president has defined his concerns as “red lines”and will not get away from his demands.Actually,the West does not accept Putin’s “red line”.But the situation between Russia and Ukraine is getting worse.
Russia demands that NATO must not admit new members and seeking to bar the USA from establishing new military bases in former Soviet republics.But the USA wants to sit down with Russia and wants to hear its concerns.On the other hands,the USA will also wants to put its concerns on the table with Russia.Right now the USA is accusing Russia of massing thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine and plotting winter invasion.

The meeting is expected to be held between Russia and the USA happens in the framework of Strategic Security Dialogue initiative.And this initiative was launched by V.Putin and Biden in Ceneva.
The NATO-Russia Council meeting and the talks between Russis and OSCE’s Permanent Council are slated to focus on Ukraine.

As I have understood Russia expects the discussions with the USA to focus on Russia’s security demands.This is why January 10 bilateral discussions between the global giants will be key important-for the Europa’s and Ukraine security.I think this will be first raund of talks between Russia and the Ukraine.Yhen the two sides can have draft agreements as a result of consultations.
Nowadays Ukraine seeks to break from Russia’s sphere of influence and to join the NATO as possible as it can.Since 2014 Russia has occupied Crimean Peninsula and supported pro-Moscow separatist in the eastern part of Ukraine.Russia has deployed thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine and is threatening Ukrain’s security.Western countries are concerned that Russia can invade Ukraine and seize other parts of this country.But Russian president V.Putin denies planning to attack to Ukraine.V.Putin says that the movements of troops are only to defend Russia against an encroaching the Western military.
The USA and European countries have threatened to impose very serious sanctions against Russia if it invades Ukraine.But I do not believe that the West will fight with Russia when Kremlin invades Ukraine.I don’t see and possibility on this matter.Of course,the strict sanctions against Putin and his circles are possible.There are two approaches by West are deterrence and diplomacy.As conclusion,let’s wait the January.10.meeting between the USA and Russia.I mean that from this date some details will be clear.

Kamal Aliyev

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