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Kamal Aliyev: Ukraine’s military capability and fighting morality against Russia

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Before comparision of Ukraine and Russian military capabilities,I would like to express that the Russian side has more than 100.000 soldiers deployed along the border line.Of course,this is a great threat for Ukraine’s security.
Altough,Putin says that this is normal military drills within the territory of Russia,no one trusts in this thought.

Back to history,we know that the nowadays capital of Ukraine Kiev was the first capital of Russian state.
Despite being armed by western countries,the pro-Russian separatist took control the east part if this country.However,Russia annexed illegally Crime in 2014.The occupation of Crime by Russia was a unexpected event for West.According to international law,Crime was an integral part of Ukraine.This fact also created a big threat not only Baltic nations,but also for East Europian countries.Putin’s aides always say that these are prevention policy against the expanding of NATO.

If is right that,Russia is a superpower for its military capability.On the other hand,Russia is a nuclear power.But Ukraine’s military capability is also strong.Recently western nations have armed Ukraine’s army with modern ammunations.
Kiev has got right now 250.000 active military personals,plus 950.000 reservists.This is a great number for Ukraine,which has 44 million inhabitants.
As for Russia,with reservists Russia has more than 3 million soldiers.

İn terms of armored vehicles,Ukrsine does have 2.430 tanks,artillary power is also formidable at 2.040 batteries.But Russia has the largest tank repertoire.

But in the last years Ukraine has obtained great experiance in fighting against Russian separatists.
Ukraine has acquiered modern weapons including Turkish drones and javelin anti-tank missiles from the US.
We have seen and observed that Ukraine has gained experience on the battleground,showing great valour.
Ukraine has also bought Turkish drones in 2019 and Ukraine could never defeat Russisn invasion.It is also possible that Russian invasion will be costly to Moscow in both financial and military terms.

On the other hand,I think that military capability only makes sense when a nation and the armed forces have a will to fight till the end.
Of course,as a result,Russia will be called as an aggressor.
I think that in a possible Russian invasion Ukraine needs a United front.I have to say that the Ukrsinian society is too complicated and there is a great division among peoples.Firstly,both nations have slovanic roots.Secondly,there a lot of Russisn-speaking people in Ukrainian army.Sometimes I doubt that these reasons are able to create difficulties for peaple.I mean of course morality of soldiers who will fight in a possible war with Russians.
I think that you have understood what I have meant.

Shortly,everything is due to countrie’s complicated history.
As you know,in the history of Ukraine some parts were under the control of Austro-Hungarian empire.But some parts of this country were also parts of Russian empire and Poland.Shortly,the east part of Ukaine belonged to Europa,east part to Russia respectively.

During the war against German nazis the ancestors of Ukrainians fought not for Russisns.At that time there were neo-Nazi groups fighting against Soviet Union.But the people who have been living in the east of Ukraine fought against Hitler Germany.

The division in Ukrainian sociaty is that some part of people are loyal to Russia,but others have loyalty to West.This a great distinction which I eager to formulate.

In terms of resisting Russia,Ukraine’problems are not only national identity problems.
Russia is not only a culturally close country to Ukraine due to its historical connections between the two Slavic-malority nations with a common Orthodox Christian faith but also a hard enemy.

I think the Ukranians do not want war,but they will fight against Russia.For this aim the need motivation and assistance from the world community.Snd of course great motivation for homeland.
I hope the Zelenski government will attentively consider these needs.

Kamal Aliyev

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