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  5. Kamal Aliyev: The warm ties between Ankara and Tel-Aviv is crucial for Turkish geopolitical interests in the Middle East

Kamal Aliyev: The warm ties between Ankara and Tel-Aviv is crucial for Turkish geopolitical interests in the Middle East

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At last,the ambassador of Turket Sakir presented his credential to the Israeli president Isaak Herzog.As you know,after I.Herzog was elected the president of Israil in July 2021,Turkish president R.T.Erdogan called him to congratulate.And it was the beginning the political and diplomatic relations between two Middle East countries after a long time.Then in March 2022,I.Herzog visited to Turkey and he was received with due pomp and ceramony.After this state it was obvious that full diplomatic relations between Ankara and Tel-Aviv will be resumed.From my point of view,Israel attaches to relations with Turkey, the ties between Turks and Jews go back centuries before the establishment Israel state.In a history,a few times the relations between Israel and Tukey have lived crises due to Palestinien problem.But Ankara has now understood that for a reliable mediation between Israel and Palestine it needs good relations with Jewish state.On the other hand,Ankara does have geopolitical interests in the Middle East.In addition,Israel is normalizing its relations with arab world in the framework of Abraham Accords.Now,it is expected the normalization process with Saudi Arabia.I would like to emphasize that like Israel,Turkey is battling terrorism.Though diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel have been downgraded and serious disagreement,these two countries can still be friends.Both countries need good relations.Despite some problems,economic relations have continued to flourish.
After Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu won an election on November,he agreed with R.T.Erdogan to improve ties.Netanyahu’s return to power as a nationalist-religious government has rattled Palestenians who fear it could heighten tensions in the Middle East.Turkey has also condemned Israel’s new far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.Because Ben-Gvir has visited to the sensitive Mount Temple in East Jerusalem.The Temple Mount complex is also holy site both for Judaism and Islam.
In spite of these disagreements either Tel-Aviv or Ankare are determined to develope mutual relations.The warm ties between Israel and Turkey frighten Islamic Republic of Iran.According to Mullahs all muslim countries including also Azerbaijan must cut their relations with Israel.I guess we can see also Azerbaijan-Israel-Turkey strategic partnership in South Caucasus.We have to take into account that the partnership between these states is vital against Iran’s expansion policy.As you know Azerbaijan has also apponted a new ambassador to Israel.Azerbaijan’s desicion to appoint Mukhtar Mamadov as an ambassador to İsrael will irritate mullah regime in Tehran.

Kamal Aliyev Kafkassam

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