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Kamal Aliyev: The future of Armenian and Turkish realations depends upon Zengezur corridor

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İt is already clear that both countries-Turkey and Armenia are eager to develope bilateral relations.The foreign minister of Turkey Movlut Chavushoglu has spoken on this topic during the session of Turkish parliament.
Cavushoglu said that Turkey and Armenian side will appoint special envoys involving in this process.
For this purpose the sides should appoint seven envoys untill 20 th of January.
Besides,the sides will prepare 3-step roadmap till the Januray of coming year.
According to information,Armenian prime minister N.Pashinyan does have a great intention to develope the mutual relations with Turkey.
On the 15 th of January there will be created working group and secretary.And this secretary will be under Pashinyan’s control.This neans that N.Pashinyan will decide whatever he wants and nobody will be able to hinder the process.
Shortly,in a near future we can see charter flights between Turkey and Armenia.
İn addition to this process,Ankara will see the Zengezur corridor to be opened in summer of 2022.This is important enough for Turkey.And the third step is related to economic relations.This step will bi fulfilled in July.

On the other hand,the Armenian side has also announced that it is ready to appointvsoecial envoy for dialogue with Turkey.
I have so understood that the Ermenian government is ready to restart relations with Turkey without preconditions.As for thing,it is in the state interests of Armenia to establish diplomatic relations with Ankara for different reasons.
Pashinyan and his politacal team want to start the negotiations process with Turkey.But Armenian opposition is against this process and they imagine this process in a such primitive way.Actually,I try to understand the real reason but I am not able to make clear this to myself.
Firstly,Armenua is situated in a specific geographical location.Armenia does have neighbors like Azerbaijan and Turkey that can not avoid this reality.It mesns that Armenia will have to live with its neighbors as forever.Nor turks or azeris will leave this geography.From this point ov view Armenis needs neighborly relations with these countries.

Kamal Aliyev Kafkassam

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