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Kamal Aliyev: Russia and China are obliged to struggle against the USA

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I think that the Russia-Chinese relations will be developed in 2022.Of course,these two global powers already have a roadmap on the military field.Indeed,Chinese president Xi Jinping sent a New Year greeting to his Russian counterpart V.Putin.As I see,both sides are highly satisfied with development between to countries.
On the other hand,Moscow and Beijing are increasingly coordinating their policies and forming an alliance.Shortly,their goal is clear:both countries are against American hegomany and in favor of multi-polar world system.That is why Russia and Chine are eager to work one-another closely.My dear readers,we soll know that after the collapsing USSR,the US is a unique global power in the world.But know Chine and Russia are against this system and want to end the system led by the USA and its allies.Can these countries cope with this problem.I cann’t answer this question either.
This summer the USA has withdrawn its military forces from Afganistan.And Russia has got intention to recognize Taliban.But Russia demands that Taliban group must fulfill some conditions.This matters because Russia and Chine could coordinate on Iran and also on Afganistan issue.Both these countries have political plans in Iran and Afganistan.Russia sees Taliban as a great threat to its Central Asia allies and Moscow is forced to defend its “backyard”from Taliban.On this matter,Russia wants to have coordination with Chine.

There will be held Winter Olympic Games in Chine this winter.The USA and some western countries have diplomatically boycotted this event due to Chinese discrimination policy against uyghurs in this country.Chine violates uyghurs’rights for a long time.The rejim keeps the uyghurs in the concentration camps within Chine.A number of uyghurs have been killed and tortured.
But the president of Russia V.Putin will attend the Chine Winter Olympic Games.V.Putin finds the uyghurs rights not vital for Russia.Because the Russian strongman has violated and violates the human rights in his country.

Russia and Chine are thinking that predictability and stability are the most crucial factors on world affairs.V.Putin has reiterated this several times.
In an annual wrap of developments in Russia,the media has claimed that the USA kept threatening Russia with economic sanctions.An energy crises engulfed Asian and Europa.The Taliban,outlawed in Russia,seized power in Afganistan.And the situation in and around Ukraine went from bad to worse.
As you know,Russian media has always called the former president of the USA D.Trump as a heavyweiht and eulogized former German chancellor Angela Merkel.
However,V.Putin declared that he needs guarantees to be sure NATO would not proceed with its eastward expansion.Meanwhile,Russa-Ukraine tensions continue.V.Putin says that they have nowhere further to retreat.Rusdia has always said that Merkel played a key role in relations with this country and praised Nord Stream pipeline.Russia thinks that this pipeline will increase its influence and erode US influence.
On the other hand,Russia and south and east Asian countries pushed ahead with bileteral cooperation.This month V.Putin paid a visit to India.It was Putin’s second visit for the entire year.The situation on world stage during the outgoing year often gave Putin a chance to vote Chinese wisdom.
In a conclusion,I would like to express my ideas so that in a near future Russia and China will develope mutual relations in a deep.Without this neither Russia nor China will be able to cope with the USA.Chine will in any time to annex Taiwan.It is hard enough for Chine.But China needs Russia’s help on this matter.

Kamal Aliyev

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