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Kamal Aliyev: Moscow summit,Pashinyan’s accusation and Russia’s position

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On the whole,it is clear that either Azerbaijan or Armenia made significant progress towards a peace agreement during a serious of negotiations organized by Europian Union(EU)and United States of America.After the negotiations held in Brussel,Armenian prime minister Nikol Pashinian stated that Yerevan recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and two days ago he announced to recognize Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh.
In my opinion,Pashinian’s recognizing Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh opens a new era for the bileteral relations between Baku and Yerevan.Until this date,Armenian leaders and governments have never recognized Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh.Thus,Pashinian insists on “international mechanism”and negotiation format between Khankendi and Baku.From my point of view,Baku will not accept Armenia’s proposals.
However,Armenia’s recognition Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh through the Treaty makes things easier.





After(or during) the meeting which will be held in Moldova on June 1 it is possible to see some positive results.
According to some informations,EU Chief Charles Michel,French president Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor will take part in this meeting.
In addition to this,Pashinian did have a separate meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow.Putin has convinced Armenian prime minister that Baku unequivocally recognizes Armenian sovereignty over Zengezur and any dual triple interpretation of everything related to the possible unblocking of transport communication is baseless.However,Pashinian had objected Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev’s use of the term “Zengezur corridor”in reference to planned road and rail links between Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan exclave that would pass through Armenia’s Zengezur(Syunik)province.On the other hand,Aliyev said that the word “corridor”d ou es not constitute a claim to anybody’s territory.As for Putin,he said that despite all difficulties and problems,which still abound,the situation is developing towards a settlement.According to Putin,the work on transport communications is very vital.




In general,no final document or agreement were reported as a result of the trilateral meeting among Aliyev,Putin and Pashinian.But next week deputy prime ministers of three countries will meet in Moscow.It is expected that the deputy ministers will continue to work on opening the Azerbaijani-Armenian border to commercial traffic.
But as I said at the beginning that the negotiations in the Moldovian capital on June 1 will be important for peace deal.We see that Pashinian takes risks to solve the problem but his revanshist opponents,diaspora,Karabakh separatist and church are pressing on him.It seems to me that during the summer months we will be able to see interesting events in and around of Armenia.
Let us wait…

Kamal Aliyev

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