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Kamal Aliyev: Lukashenko is Putin’s political toy

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As you know,the protests which happened in Kazakhstan was the main emergency topic of the meeting of Collective Security Treaty Organization(CSTO) on January 10.

The protests that took place in Kazakhstan in the first week of January for economic reasons then turned into acts of violence.
The president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashonko said that the lessons that have been talked a lot about Kazakhstan should be learned firstly,Uzbekistan.According to Lukashenko,if the lessons are not learned,they have already been set in Uzbekistan.
I have always said and written that Lukashenko is Putin’s toy in the post-soviet space.This dictator always represents Putin’s political views.It seems to me that sometimes Putin is not able to address direct to leaders,but Lukashenko tries his best for Potin on this issue.Lukashenko implements Putin’s all orders with a great desire.This is of course a great dependence on Russian strongman.
In this case Uzbekistan is not original goal.Lukashenko’s goal is Turkic World situated in Central Asia.In addition,Lukashenko wants to influance on Commonwealth of Independent States.Actually,kreml wants to build its hegemony in the geography of CIS.I think all my readers are having the same thoughts.We are aware of that Putin wants at least to build Russian Empire.Putin sees always post-soviet republics Russia’s backyard.Russia will not to lose its backyard to West.

Russia wants to invite other states to cooparate closely with Russia through the call to Uzbekistan on the occasion of the actions in Kazakhstan.

I am sure that both states-Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan want to protect its territorial integrity and sovereignty.Uzbakistan says that it is able to protect the country and it does not anyone.President of Uzbekistsn Mirziyoyev and his administration have solid stance against any kind of threats.And this is very important for Tashent.Naturally,Lukashenko and his elder brother Putun should understand this reality.
Secondly,Uzbek government is aware of who made to Lukashenko to say this.

The president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that the unfounded statements were made by a leader of one state that Uzbekistan should learn lessons the events that took place in Kazakhstan.Mirziyoyev said that they are attentively monitoring the situation in the region,security challenges and threats.
Uzbekistan owns the strong army in Central Asia and can respond adequately to any threat.By the way,Uzbekistan has the 51th strongest army in the world.
I think that Lukashenko’s opinions showed the real intention of kreml on the basis of Turkish States.
Moreover,the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Federation Maria Zakharova has said that the Turkish officials will continue to refrain from such-ill conceived reasoning out loud.

On the other hand,neither Turkey,or the Orgsnization of Turkish States has not an aggressive and imperial approach as Moscow claims.
Lukashenko’s opinions dealt a major blow to the options discussed between Moscow and Tashkent untill yesterday,including the option of observer membership to CSTO.Right now Uzbekistan is not member of CSTO.But Russia will to see Usbekistan in this organization.Uzbekistan is an independent state more than 30 years and this state has a greater exoeriance and wisdom to protect itself from foreign threats.It seems to me that Moscow and Minsk underestimate Uzbekista.This is a reality which irritates Russia and Belarus.

Turkey and Turkish World have started a long-term process within the framework of common interest and mutual respect.The Cenrsl Asia needs a peaseful integration process.Finally,both Russia and Belarus are afraid of the Organisation of Turkish States.But the integration among Turkish States must be proceed as possible as it can.

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