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Kamal Aliyev: İs V. Putin really determined to rebuild Russian Empire?

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When V. Putin became president of Russian Federation before 21 years ago,he wanted seriously to restore Russian greatness.As you know that Putin has never hidden this wish.Simply,he has always waiting the opportunity to realize his political goal.

Right now we are observing the negotiation process between Russia and the USA on Ukraine.In addition,both sides are discussing the future of Europa’s security.Russia has also negotiation with NATO and OSCE.All these meetings are crucial.

But I think that West should accept the sobering:V.Putin tries to restore Russian Empire(or USSR)and does his best to achieve his targets.It is impossible to say that all these can be realized or not,but USA and EU must pay attention to Putin’s actions.Otherwise,all will be late.

Twenty years later,however,it is clear that V.Putin was thinking something else.As you remember,V.Putin once described the collapsing Soviet Union the tragedy of 20 th Century.According to Putin the dissolving of USSR was a geopolitical tragedy.Nowdays I think that V.Putin wants deeply to re-establish Russia in Europa and Euroasia.And the events which are happening 8n Kazakhstan and Ukraine are the parts of this project.However,after the 44 days war in Karabakh,Putin could have relocated his “peacekeeoers”in Azerbaijan.The pease truce brokered by Russia have to Putin to re-establish his military base in Azerbaijan.Until this time there was not any Russian soldier in the territory of Azerbaijan.
Putin is in power more than 21 years.In the first ten years Putin he could rebuild Russian military,modernized nuclear arsenal,expanded Russia’s intelligence services and activities.
Additionally,V.Putin did control media outlets,consolidated state industries and of course,undermined opposition parties to his United Russia part.He organized “pocket opposition” or “bought”parties like LDPR.The leader of LDPR Vladimir Jirinovisky is Putin’s political tool.What does Putin wand to do,firstly,he says all through Jirinovisky.

During this time all elections which held in Russia were rigged in favor of Putin’s party.

Russia refused to respect the principle of host-nation consent for its largely unwanted military presence in Georgia and Moldavia and began ignoring Vienna Conventions limits on troops concentrations.After this Putin’s Russia violated the Intermediate-Range-Missiles Treaty.With the strong military Putin began to agglomerate former Soviet territories.Right now Putin controls Belorussian security and media,stationed Russian “peacekeepers”in Nagorno Karabakh,a take-over Kazakhstan’s security and media.Since 2014 Crimea is under the control of Russia’s military.In addition,Russia has helped to separatist in order to occupy a large part of Donetsk and Lugsnsk.And its illegal occupation Abkhazia and South Ossetia was rally the worst thing.
Russia has also long-standing presence in Transnistria.

I think that the Post-Cold war is coming to end.Then it comes new world order period with new actors.NATO has got now crucial task to defend the security of Europa from foreign threats as possible as it can.Russia has precented a draft consisting of demands.Putin is against NATO’s eastword enlargement.Putin demands from NATO official pledge that it will never receive Ukraine and Georgia as members.Of course,NATO will not accept these demands.But the sided are obliged to find the solution to these predicaments.Can Russia invade Ukraina?Yes,it is possible.To prevent this threat USA and EU must work together and prepare a roadmap.Otherwise,it will be too late.To tell the truth,V.Putin wants to restore Soviet Union in coming years.The security of EU depends upon collective work against Russia’s aggression.From this point of view I thin that the harsh economic sanctions against Russia have to be realized as well.

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