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Kamal Aliyev: Is Nikol Pashinyan’s multinational peacekeepers offer possible in Karabakh?

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Yesterday the prime minister of the republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has said that the Russian Federation’s peacekeeping troops in Karabakh has specific security obligations in front of the people of Karabakh.N.Pashinyan claims and accuse of Russian that the azeri eco-activists have closed the Khankendi-Lachin corridor and the closure of this road is a gross violation of point 6 of the trilateral of November 10,2020.According to Pashinyan,Azerbaijan and Russia bear obligation.Pashinyan says that Russia is unable to ensure stability and security in Karabakh for objective or subjective reasons.
I am thinking that Pashinyan plays a political game and he has a political scenario.Why am thinking so?As you remember before a short time Armenian’s prime minister had said that Russisn’s peasekeeping troops must stay in Karabakh 15 or 20 years.As we know Russian’s peacekeeping forces does’nt have any international mandate in Karabakh.And according to trilateral agreement which was signed on 10 November,2020 Russian Federation’s peacekeeping troops in Karabakh have 5 years mandate.It means that one of the sides of trilateral agreement has authority to demand Russia’s soldiers must quit Karabakh.And this side is Azerbaijan and Baku does not want any peacekeeping troops in Karabakh after 2025.
However,Pashinyan thinks that it should initiate a discussion in the UN Security Council and grant the Russian Federation’s peacekeeping forces in Karabakh with a UN SC mandate.On the other side,N.Pashinyan wants additional multinational peacekeeping forces in Karabakh.
Firstly,Azerbaijan is against to to Pashinyan’s offer on multinational peacekeeping forces.It is impossible.In addition to,Kremlin Spokesman Dmitri Peskov has said that international peacekeeping forces may be involved,provided both parties to the conflict,not only Armenia,agree to that.As you see,both Azerbaijan and Russia are against to Pashinyan’s propose.In my opinion Pashinyan understands this reality but he insist on his offer.It is fact that N.Pashinyan does’nt have any willingness and determination to sign a peace agreement with Baku.N.Pashinyan also says that Azerbaijan is preparing military provocstion,including in Karabakh.From my point of view,right now nobody needs military escalation in Karabakh.Neither Azerbaijan nor Armenia needs a new escalation in Karabakh.Russia is at war with Ukraine and does’nt want second front in Caucasus.But I think Armenia needs a new escalation in Karabakh and through this confrantation Yerevan wants to say to the world that Azerbaijan is conducting ethnic cleansing against local Armenians.

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