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Kamal Aliyev: If France opens consular office in Syunik…

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Following Iran and Russia,France will also to open consular office in Armenia´s Syunik province.Prior to France´s decision,Russia and Iran did have such kind of decision.
Thus,the Foreign Minister of France Catherine Colonna has expressed her country´s wish to open soon consular office in Syunik(Zengazur).
Catherine Colonna said that no country,not one,is next to Armenias much as our country.In addition,French Foreign Minister added that all meetings of the UN Security Council at the diplomatic level,without exception,took place at the initiative of Paris.
I assume that French Foreign Minister has right and the deployment of observation mission in Armenia at the initiative of Paris.i remind of you that the deployment of EU observation mission had to operate not only in Armenia,but also in Azerbaijan.But Azerbaijani side objected France´s propose in the meeting held in Prague.

Interestingly,France is eager to develope defence relations with Yerevan in spite of Armenia´s membership to CSTO led by Russia.After defeating Karabakh war against Azerbaijan,Prime Minister Pashinyan´s government tries its best to abandon Russian led CSTO as possible as it can.But Mr.Pashinyan is seeing the risks and takes into accounts everything in detail.
On the other hand,France´s defense attache will be present at the French Embassy in Yerevan.It means that Armenia challenges to Russia since the collapsing of Soviet Union.

France´s perspective is that Russia has abandoned Armenia and is complicit in Azerbaijan´s military operations makes international diplomatic actions even more necessary.A few days ago French president has announced that if Russia and Turkey protects Azerbaijan,France is also obliged to defend Armenia´s interests and territorial integrity.France and Russia are now competing in Africa and this rivalry is being observed in South Caucasus.
In this context,the rivalry for Armenia in the South Caucasus will be expended in the upcoming weeks and months.
Armenia is getting alone on this issue.Because Russia,Turkey and Iran are keen on to create 3+3(regional union)geopolitical and geoeconomic project.Interestingly,Armenia´s economic partner Iran is also against foreign interference to the region
Kamal Aliyev

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